Episode 36: Once Upon a Television

Once Upon a Podcast our favorite tv shows

Just a little (3 hour) chat about a few of our favorite tv shows.

Join us and special guest Kristin as we delve into our top five television shows. This is our longest podcast we’ve ever recorded and one of the most fun. From iconic cult classic The X-Files to recent smash hit Orphan Black, reminisce with us down t.v. memory lane.

  1. Welcome to Kristin, fellow Once Upon a Time enthusiast!
  2. Our top five television shows (caution, may include spoilers) (6:25)
    – Freaks and Geeks (6:50)
    – Orange is the New Black (10:30)
    – Sisters (21:05)
    – Life (27:00)
    – Short web series (including The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Hipsterhood, Very Mary Kate, Husbands) (32:15)
    – The Walking Dead (40:35)
    – The West Wing (50:45)
    – Gilmore Girls (56:55)
    – Will & Grace (plus a shoutout to our other favorite sitcoms) (1:07:00)
    – Dead Like Me (1:16:30)
    – Reign (1:26:25)
    – X-Files (1:39:10)
    – Orphan Black (1:54:30)
    – LOST (2:02:15)
  3. The Lighter Side: a few honorable tv mentions including Buffy, Dr. Quinn, and some childhood favorites (2:15:15)
  4. Listener letters, a little bit of news including Frozen casting news and Jennifer Morrison at Oz Comic Con, and what we’re into this week (2:26:30)

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Check out the web series that Amanda talked about: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Emma Approved, Hipsterhood, Very Mary Kate, and Husbands.

Enjoy the show, and see you in two weeks!

Britt and Amanda

The Second Half of Once Upon a Time Is Taking Us…

Cast and crew of Once Upon a Time

Cast and crew of Once Upon a Time

Well, not far according to co-creator Eddy Kitsis.

“The second half [of Season 3] will take place between Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest,” series co-creator Eddy Kitsis tells TVLine. Adam Horowitz adds: “It’s not a ‘journey to another land’ paradigm. We always have the ability and the desire to dip into other lands, which it’s more than likely we shall do, but it will be in the way that we’ve done in the past, as opposed to locking all our characters onto a boat and sending them [to a new realm].”

An End to the Fight for Emma’s Love?

Michael Raymond-James, Jennifer Morrison, and Colin O'Donoghue

Michael Raymond-James, Jennifer Morrison, and Colin O’Donoghue

According to a quote Eddy Kitsis gave to TV Line, things may not be so competitive after all.

The guys will come to some sort of agreement during the Dec. 8 episode of Once Upon a Time, which is titled “The New Neverland.” Kitsis said of the love rivals who once shared a father-son-style bond, “You’ll see how they’re going to deal with each other and with Emma in, I think, a surprising way.” Maybe Hook confesses his love for the floor, and Emma sticks with what she said when it comes to not being able to be with Neal?


Jennifer Morrison on ‘Think Lovely Thoughts’

Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan

Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan

Jennifer Morrison recently sat down with ETOnline to give her two cents on the season so far. She also explained what to expect from this Sunday’s episode:

We’re getting close to the point where our heroes, as they call us in the stage directions, are seeing their plan come to fruition. It’s also really redeeming for Emma that saving Neal is helping the situation with Henry. I think there was some confusion with the fans about why Emma would go to save Neal as if it were a distraction from saving Henry. But Neal had lived in Neverland before and she needed to make the next strategic move that would help them get Henry back because they were missing so much information. She saw Neal as the missing puzzle piece that would help them save Henry and that was the truth; he knows how to get them off the island, so it’s been redeeming that Emma trusted her instincts in thinking they would need Neal to beat Pan because she was right.

Read the entire article, including her feelings on Hook at the source.

Rumple, Neal, and Daddy Issues

Robert Carlyle and Michael Raymond James as Rumple and Neal.

Robert Carlyle and Michael Raymond James as Rumple and Neal.

In this week’s all new episode of Once Upon a Time, we’ll see exactly what the relationship between Rumplestiltskin and his father was like.

“The relationship is not good,” Robert Carlyle (Rumple) tells TVGuide.com. “The father only cares about himself, and he’s a selfish guy. Rumple’s father has the gift of the gab. He’s certainly a gregarious kind of guy; friends of everyone and probably no one. He’s a trickster.  He’s a hopeless gambler. So he’s really not someone who is usually fitted for parenting.”

Unlike Rumple’s relationship with Neal, which was tenuous because of Rumple’s quest for power, Malcolm really doesn’t want to have anything to do with his son. “The boy’s a kind of tagalong,” Carlyle explains. “You find him hanging outside the bar waiting for his father to come out.”

Ariel ‘Gets Around’ on Once Upon a Time

JoAnna Garcia Swisher as Ariel

JoAnna Garcia Swisher as Ariel

While we already knew that Ariel would appear in Neverland, JoAnna tells Wetpaint Entertainment that she “gets around” to multiple worlds, both in flashbacks (Ursula’s transformation, saving Snow White from drowning in Fairytale Land, and, of course, meeting the dashing Prince Eric) and present day (assisting to save Henry and perhaps even entering Storybrooke).

Wet Paint: We know for sure that Ariel will be with Snow White when she saves her, which is in Fairytale Land. When we see her with Ursula, is this all in flashbacks, or is it present day?

JGS: You do definitely see me in flashbacks and you find out how Snow and Ariel become friends, and the interesting thing about mermaids is that we can easily swim between realms. So, I think that’s maybe enough of a way to kind of give you an idea of how Ariel aids in the hunt to save Henry.

Read the entire interview at Wet Paint.

A New Storybrooke Curse?

lost boys in Neverland

Lost boys in Neverland

This season, the action on ABC’s Once Upon a Time has taken place almost entirely on Peter Pan’s magical island of Neverland – and will remain there for the rest of 2013, as producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have teased, before the characters return to Storybrooke, where a new curse is expected to wreak havoc.

The characters’ days in Neverland may be numbered, but, teases Josh Dallas (Charming), “the island may end up coming home with us in some way.” Whether it’s the island’s spells or its inhabitants, viewers will have to wait and see.


Once Upon a Time’s ‘Nasty Habits’

'Nasty Habits'

‘Nasty Habits’

When Rumple sets out to confront Peter Pan (Robbie Kay) in tonight’s episode, we’ll finally get a glimpse into his history with Neverland’s villain. “You’re going to learn a lot more about the two of them,” executive producer Adam Horowitz promises and notes that Pan’s full backstory will unravel in the coming episodes. “You [have not] seen the last of Wendy,” he adds and hints that a possible reunion could take place in the present.

Unfortunately, Pan knows exactly where to hit Rumple, as he’s been exploiting the Dark One’s daddy issues since he arrived on the island. “We’ve hinted in the past that his father was a coward and that his father’s name was something that haunted him and that his father left him. This is a man who wants to break the cycle of his past. He wants to be a good father, but it’s like that quote, ‘I can resist everything but temptation,’ so that’s also his weakness.”


Marilyn Manson Joins Once Upon A Time

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson will be joining the cast  of the Once Upon a Time in November. Manson will voice Shadow, a character whose voice will give life to the very essence of Neverland.

“We’ve always been enormous fans of Marilyn Manson,” show creators and executive producers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz told Rolling Stone. “We wanted to cast someone with the vocal ability to make our skin crawl.”


Jared Gilmore Talks About Belief in Neverland

Jared Gilmore as Henry Mills

Jared Gilmore as Henry Mills

Jared Gilmore weighed in recently on why Henry has so much belief, and why Pan needs it.

“I think Henry has so much belief because over his life, he’s had so much stuff to believe in. In the first season, he had to believe in Emma, that she was the Savior, and he had to try and convince her that she is this person, and all these people are them. And then, in the second season, at the beginning, he has to believe that Emma and his grandma, Snow White, can get back from Fairy Tale land, and he also has to believe in his whole entire family, too. And in the third season, he has to believe in his family to come save him, but because he doesn’t know that they’re coming to save him, he could eventually lose that belief.”

Could Henry have magic inside him too?

“I think Henry is magical himself, well, being his bloodline, his family, and also the fact that he has so much belief makes him magical.”

Read the full article, including why Pan wants Henry exactly, here.

Josh Dallas: David, Snow, and Emma

Josh Dallas as Prince Charming

Josh Dallas as Prince Charming

Josh Dallas recently spoke to Buddy T.V. to talk about a variety of topics, including Snow and Charming’s relationship with their daughter, Emma.

On Emma’s acceptance of who she is and how that will change the family dynamic:

I think as far as Mary Margaret and David are concerned they always wanted to be her parents. They have always wanted to have that experience with her. And, Mary Margaret has always approached it differently than David. She’s always tried to push the subject and really try — “I want to be your mother. I want to do this. I want to try to make this right from this point on.”

And, David has always tried to step back and let Emma try to find it organically as much as he could while still supporting his wife’s decision to go forward and trying to make it more. But, I think we come to a conclusion throughout the first half of this season that we can never be her parents in that way, in that idealistic way that we would want to be her parents. We can never do that. It’s not going to be possible.
Read the entire article, including more thoughts on how Charming and Snow can never truly be mom and dad at the source.

Colin O’Donoghue Talks About Hook

Colin O'Donoghue as Captain Hook

Colin O’Donoghue as Captain Hook

The Examiner recently sat down with Hook himself, and asked actor Colin O’Donoghue what we might be able to expect from Killian Jones.

O’Donoghue shared that he has never approached playing Hook as an “out and out villain,” it has been his selfishness that defined him when we first met him, and now that is shifting.

“Selfishness made him do villainous things at times. And a lot of it could be hearsay– a lot of the stories about Hook that people sort of– I don’t know yet, but the way I saw it was that, similar to The Princess Bride…there’s this sort of myth behind him but nobody ever saw it happen,” O’Donoghue said.

“I do think he’d happily kill you if he had to, but he might have a little bit of a cry about it after.”

Once Upon A Time will give further insight into Hook’s story this third season with a flashback episode that will show a side of Killian Jones that O’Donoghue thought would “surprise people.” In it we will see a younger version of him that may not be expected– but will it inform why he relates as much as he does to Emma?

Read the full length article at the source.

Josh Dallas on Dream Shade Effects

Josh Dallas as the ailing Prince Charming

Josh Dallas as the ailing Prince Charming

Recently, tvfanatic.com asked Charming actor Josh Dallas just how bad the effects of the dream shade would be. We have a little of what Josh had to say:

“It’s going to be a long part of the journey. Of course, he’s going to be hit by the arrow, which is laced with Dream Shade! Dream Shade is a nasty, nasty, nasty deal. And he’s going to have a major secret on his hands that you’ll have to see whether he tells or not, whether he asks for help or not. […] This is the most concentrated form which we think would kill him quickly, but it works the opposite. So it’s a very slow, painful death, like cancer basically.”

To read everything he has to say about Dream Shade, Neverland, and suffering in silence, check out TV Fanatic’s entire interview.

Once Upon a Time, Lana Parrilla on Peter Pan and Parenting with Emma

Promotional still from 3x02, 'Lost Girl.'

Promotional still from 3×02, ‘Lost Girl.’

Regina will get plenty of chances for more snark in coming episodes, as the journey into Neverland keeps Regina and the Charmings in close quarters for a while. Despite the snark, Parrilla admits that they have to work together. “I think it’s about compartmentalizing. They just have to put it aside for now. The main objective is Henry, and getting Henry back. We just have no choice but to work together. I think, also when we see that Emma and Regina have gotten to a place where they’re calling themselves ‘the Moms,’ it’s a little more cordial, I find,” she explains, pointing out that it’s not Emma who has been the real problem for Regina in this “war.” “The real war has always been between the Evil Queen and Snow White. Emma was always a threat, because she came to Storybrooke and she’s trying to take Henry back, but I find that this season, we’re working together, and they’re getting along. There’s an episode coming up where Regina has to help her with magic, so she’s teaching her magic,” she reveals. “I’m slightly impatient, as Regina is, but I think she’s enjoying the camaraderie, at least with Emma.”

Ultimately, the Charmings and Regina will surely end up in battle with Peter Pan — a character that hasn’t seem to have fazed the “Evil Queen” just yet. “I don’t think she really understands this ‘Pan’ character,” Lana admits. “He’s a teenager, and I think that’s how she looks at it. She’s never interacted with him, so I don’t think she fears him the way others fear him. He’s kind of a mystery to her. Someone’s like ‘he’s a big scary monster!’ and you’re like ‘yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it.’ It’s that kind of thing. I don’t think she really buys how powerful he is just yet.”

Read the article in full at the source.

Lightning Round with Adam and Eddy

once upon a time, lost girl

Promo still for the upcoming ‘Lost Girl.’

TV Guide collected the tweets of fans, and presented them to the Once Upon a Time bosses:

Will any of the Once cast cross to Wonderland or vice versa?
Edward Kitsis:
 There will be a couple of the Once casters in Wonderland at various points, but it will not be like a traditional spin-off where the Drummonds drop Mrs. Garrett off.
Adam Horowitz: There will be some floating back and forth.

Will we see more flashbacks to when Regina (Lana Parrilla) was raising Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin)?
Kitsis: There are flashbacks to the time where she was living with Snow.

Will we ever see the Mad Hatter (Sebastian Stan) again?
 We hope so.
Kitsis: We would love to have Sebastian Stan, but he’s very busy.
Horowitz: He’s fighting Captain America.
Kitsis: No one wants him back more than us. Sebastian knows we have an open door for him and we’ll write him in to anything. It’s just a matter of his schedule, and his schedule is pretty tight, so I don’t know if we can work it out this season.

Will we see flashbacks into Emma’s (Jennifer Morrison) life in the foster care system?

Horowitz and Kitsis: Maybe.

Will we see the Sleeping Beauty/Maleficent story line?
 We’re definitely going to get a little more of Sleeping Beauty, but I don’t think we have any plans in the first 11 episodes to do Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty.
Horowitz: We may get a taste of Maleficent (Kristin Bauer van Staten) on one of the shows.
Kitsis: Yes. We will definitely get a taste of Maleficent and we’ll get to tell you more about Aurora (Sarah Bolger), Mulan (Jamie Chung) and Phillip (Julian Morris).

Will we get flashbacks to Neal’s (Michael Raymond-James) life before Manhattan?

Will we get the history of the fairies?
 You will get much more about the fairies.
Kitsis: You will get much more insight into how they are, how they live, what their deal is.

Will we get to see more of August (Eion Bailey)?

Will Rose McGowan be back as Cora?
 I hope so. Every day all we do is think about how do we get her back? Absolutely. We definitely have to have her back.
Horowitz: There are plans in place.
Kitsis: She’s so good.

Is Ursula someone we already know? 

Horowitz: Can’t answer.

Will we ever find out what happened to Belle’s (Emilie de Ravin) mom or Hook’s (Colin O’Donoghue) dad?
 Maybe they’re the same person. [Laughs]

Will we see the Darlings again?
Horowitz and Kitsis:

Could Pan (Robbie Kay) ultimately be a good guy?
 Anyone could be a good guy.
Kitsis: Depends on how you look at it.
Horowitz: If you ask Pan, he would say he’s definitely a good guy.

Check out the source, T.V. Guide.com for the original content.