Bonus Episode: Amanda and Brittany at Heroes & Villains Con


once upon a podcastThis past weekend, Brittany & Amanda traveled to San Jose, California for FanFest’s Heroes & Villains Con. Many of you have asked us for some details, and we want to give you a taste of everything we experienced this weekend! We are both still trying to catch up after the action-packed weekend, so this will be a short mini episode we recorded Sunday night with our thoughts about our weekend attending the Con, meeting many of you, other awesome OUAT fans and Cosplayers… oh, right, and hosting the panel onstage with Lana Parrilla and Rebecca Mader on Sunday morning. We will be talking about this in more detail in upcoming episodes (and we are expecting to get the full audio of the panel for you all very soon) but for now, enjoy!

More pictures: Instagram

-Amanda and Brittany

*photo credit: sgtmac7


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