Episode 75: Interview with Christian Torpe

Netflix's Rita interviewWelcome to a special podcast episode where we’re chatting with the creator and writer of the television series “Rita.” In this exclusive interview, we talk with Christian Torpe all about his television series, which stars Mille Dinesen (pictured to the right) as Rita, an outspoken, rebellious schoolteacher. This Danish show, which aired on Denmark’s TV2 and is now available on Netflix, has been Amanda’s favorite summer binge watch.

Speaking with Christian, we finally get to find out more about how he came up with the idea for the show and its lead character, why this television series portrays female characters differently on tv, and whether there’s a possibility of a 4th season – plus much more about this charming, emotional and thoughtful show! Even if you haven’t watched the series yet (what are you waiting for?!) we think Christian offers some great insights into the art of creating and writing television.

Listen below, or listen in on iTunes.

– Amanda and Brittany

Episode 37: Sean Maguire Interview

Sean Maguire interview Once Upon a Time

Our exclusive interview with Sean Maguire

In episode 37, we catch up with the fantastic Sean Maguire! Once Upon a Podcast is so pleased to have Sean on the show to answer some of our burning questions. He offers insight into how he approaches Robin Hood, chats about his life while filming in Vancouver and names the Disney film he’d like to spend the day in. Our conversation with him makes us even more excited to see what is in store for Robin in season 4 of Once Upon a Time! (Is it September yet?)

A few of our favorite moments:

  • [0:55] Sean talks about life in Vancouver with the rest of the OUAT cast
  • [5:40] On whether Robin Hood should form a support group with Hook and Charming for men in relationships with strong & stubborn women
  • [7:50] Sean discusses his approach to the character of Robin and his relationships, including the romance with Regina
  • [9:30] Some of his favorite scenes so far as Robin
  • [10:50] Which famous archer would Robin Hood go to battle with?
  • [11:45] Yes, it’s a question about frickle-frackle (!)
  • [12:50] The Disney movie Sean would like to spend a day in

Thank you, Sean! We wish you all the best in your work on season four.

– Amanda and Brittany

Catch it on iTunes, or listen below.