Episode 150: Once Upon a Time Series Finale – Once Upon a Podcast

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It’s the end of an era for both Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Podcast. Join us to discuss the series finale.

Not an Episode: Waiting for the Once Upon a Time Finale

Hey, Oncers! Let’s chat about Once Upon a Podcast. We have felt like we’re repeating ourselves too much lately and we’re getting a little too negative about the series. So much of what Once Upon a Time is doing with episodes right now involves characters that the series failed to get us to care about, and we find the storyline and characters’ behaviors to be nonsensical and not even worth trying to sort out. Since we don’t want to end a really wonderful 4 years of podcasting with several repetitive, negative episodes in a row, we have come up with a new game plan: we are going to do a massive episode following the Once Upon a Time series finale later this month. In that episode, we will cover everything from “Flower Child” onwards, with a focus on the finale and reflecting upon the series as a whole. Plus, as a bonus for you, we plan to do a livestream right after the finale episode on May 18th at 9pm Eastern time on Facebook. We can’t wait to talk about the finale with everyone in just a couple of weeks! In the meantime, stay in touch with us on social media, and subscribe to our podcast so you won’t miss out on an episode. – Brittany and Amanda

Episode 149: The Guardian – Once Upon a Podcast (Once Upon a Time 7×18)

once upon a time season 7 the guardian

Maybe you can teach old dogs new tricks after all. In the latest Once Upon a Time episode, Rumplestiltskin proved that he was a changed man when he made an executive decision about who the Guardian should (or rather, shouldn’t) be, ultimately delaying his return to Belle. Once again, this OUAT season is all about hits or misses, and this episode had both. Listen to this week’s podcast episode to find out what we liked and disliked about one of the final episodes ever of this television series.

Episode 148: Chosen – Once Upon a Podcast (Once Upon a Time 7×17)

once upon a time season 7

Zelena gets chosen… finally! Who knew that someone would be up for handling her brand of crazy, but there’s someone for everyone, as they say. Once Upon a Time continues to give us mysteries… sort of. We are at least still wondering what Facilier is all about. And while many people in Hyperion Heights wake up, Henry remains asleep, so we can’t help but wonder what exactly will finally trigger his memories, and what the consequences will be once he does wake up.

Episode 147: Breadcrumbs – Once Upon a Podcast (Once Upon a Time 7×16)

OUAT podcast breadcrumbs

First of all, there goes the bromance between Henry and Nick aka. Hansel, right?! This week we seriously question Henry’s judgement and general life skills and wonder whether it’s truly in character based on the Henry we knew as a kid. With that said, our kudos to Henry for being way more professionally successful with podcasting than we have been so far! This Once Upon a Time episode really only gave us a few “crumbs” to discuss, since we don’t see the Serial Killer Hansel storyline going very far – and we don’t exactly hide our frustrations with that fact – but it’s also worth focusing on the fact that this season has gotten a few things right (namely, the Tilly/Nook father-daughter story, which is still very cute)!

Episode 146: Sisterhood – Once Upon a Podcast (Once Upon a Time 7×15)

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Ivy (and her sister who we barely knew) made a quick and perplexing exit on this week’s Once Upon a Time episode. “Once Upon a Wrap-Up,” anyone? The show is also trying to unveil some answers to the mystery of the witch-killer (it’s not too difficult to figure out). Luckily, there’s still some tension in the series, in the form of how Regina is going to go about breaking the curse, how Rumple is going to still get his happy ending in the afterlife with Belle, and whether or not Henry and Cinderella are ever going to realize that, yes, true love really does exist.

Episode 145: The Girl in the Tower – Once Upon a Podcast (Once Upon a Time 7×14)

Alice and Robin in OUAT

In Once Upon a Time’s fourteenth episode of season 7, we learned more about Alice’s troubled past and finally got a glimpse at her early friendship with Robin Hood (his daughter, that is). The episode also cleared up the fact that she is not the witch murderer (phew!) even though Alice herself was beginning to have doubts. The episode also had some interesting foreshadowing in the form of intriguing tarot reading by Facilier for Regina, which we debate.

Episode 144: Knightfall – Once Upon a Podcast (Once Upon a Time 7×13)

“Don’t call me grandma.” Who thought the Evil Queen would ever utter those words? At last, Lucy has figured out her family tie with Roni/Regina. We also flashed back to Nook on an adventure (involving a hook, no less), as more of his backstory with Alice unfolded, and this week featured more of the unfolding mystery about all of the resident Hyperion Heights witches who are dropping like flies. PLUS, we just learned which members of the original Once Upon a Time cast are returning for the finale episode of the series and discuss all of our theories on how the end could unfold for all of our original favorites.

Episode 143: A Taste of the Heights – Once Upon a Podcast (Once Upon a Time 7 x 12)

A campy date that was straight out of Snow and Charming’s playbook, our “Princess and the Frog” love story finally unfolds, a murder-mystery that finally gives us fodder to debate, and just a few minor developments in Regina’s love life. This week’s episode gave us a lot to discuss (and laugh about). Although Once Upon a Time season 7 is ambitious as far as all of the stories they’re “rollin’ on Bayou”, at least we have plenty to talk about as the season continues its rapid-paced march towards the series finale.

Episode 142: Secret Garden – Once Upon a Podcast (Once Upon a Time 7×11)

Zelena and Hook in Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time returned last week after a winter hiatus with a shocking (or… not?) death, and a romp through the Haunted Mansion. Over the past few months, ABC announced that the back half of season 7 will be the show’s last, so we talk about what we want to see OUAT wrap up in the next few weeks after seven years on television. As for this season, we come to terms with a few of the new storylines while gently critiquing a few others. This episode had a few highs and lows – and no doubt the remainder of the show’s run will be more or less the same – so sit down, relax and enjoy the home stretch with us!

Episode 141: The Eighth Witch – Once Upon a Podcast (Once Upon a Time 7×10)

podcast about once upon a time

Believe it or not, Once Upon a Time wrapped up the first half of its seventh season this week with “The Eighth Witch.” To cap off the first part of Once Upon a Time season seven, we discuss what we believed were some of the strengths and weaknesses of not just this episode, but the first part of the season in general. Are we happy about the show, or do we think it could do better? Listen and let us know if you agree!

Episode 140: One Little Tear – Once Upon a Podcast (Once Upon a Time 7×09)

After a long hiatus, Once Upon a Time brings us a true fairy tale-inspired episode to keep the momentum of season 7 going. We enjoyed diving into this reimagined version of “Rapunzel” and appreciated that the show explored Lady Tremaine’s past in a more dynamic way. We also theorize on what might happen next week, which is the final episode before the show goes on its winter break. Could the curse be broken? If so, by whom? And who cast that curse anyways, and why? There are lots of ideas that we toss around and discuss!

Episode 139: Eloise Gardener & Pretty in Blue – Once Upon a Podcast (Once Upon a Time 7×07, 7×08)

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We have double the Once Upon a Time episodes to discuss this week! First up, an eerie take on the Rapunzel fairy tale and the story behind (new) Hook and his mysterious daughter. Next up, we get a brief glimpse of Wonderland and learn more about one of our favorite new characters in season 7, Alice. There is a lot to discuss about new mysteries that are cropping up in Hyperion Heights, and we theorize about certain characters’ motives and what might be up next in the unfolding saga.

Episode 138: Wake Up Call – Once Upon a Podcast (Once Upon a Time 7×06)

Time’s up: Regina is back and once again finds herself in a tragic new situation. She may finally be un-cursed, but no one else, least of which Henry, can be let in on the truth, otherwise there will be tragic consequences. (What, we don’t know. But we’re guessing, based on Regina’s expression, that it wouldn’t be good news). Plus, what part will Rumple play? This episode also allowed us to travel back to the Enchanted Forest and learn that Regina was a mentor to Ivy, which sparked a series of events that (presumably) led to the present-day cursed Hyperion Heights. Season 7 is finally shaping up with some extra intrigue and mystery, thanks to this strong OUAT television episode.

Episode 137: Greenbacks – Once Upon a Podcast (Once Upon a Time 7×05)

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This week on Once Upon a Time, we got to romp through The Princess and the Frog, otherwise known to this show as Tiana’s realm! We finally got a little more information on our favorite new character of season 7, Tiana, and enjoyed the return to a more classic Once Upon a Time tone with the flashback. We were also pleasantly surprised by that plot twist at the end, and we can’t help but theorize more about what is up with Victoria Belfry and her daughter, Ivy. Plus, Henry and Regina… what do you think is next for those two, and what are we looking forward to finding out most?