Episode 100: Her Handsome Hero – Once Upon a Time


It’s our 100th podcast episode! We made it from Neverland to the Underworld and explored just about every OUAT realm in between. This week, we want to take time to reminisce, be thankful for the things we’ve done and for all of you! Without all of you listening and downloading, we’d never be celebrating such an awesome milestone. Thank you all for the time you let us take to keep you company at work, on your daily commutes, or as the last thing you listen to before heading to bed.

Of course we’ll also dig into “Her Handsome Hero,” including (attempting) to explore all of the complexities of Rumple and Belle, and try to decide what Hades is actually up to.
  1. We are 100 episodes old! Come take a little walk down memory lane with us.
  2. Our “Her Handsome Hero” episode top 5s (23:00
  3. Listener Letters and a bit of news, PLUS we talk about some fun things happening over in other Podcastica shows (1:06:45)
Join us next week for Once Upon a Podcast episode 101!
– Amanda and Brittany
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