Episode 101: Ruby Slippers – Once Upon a Time


It’s time for a little romance for Ruby on this week’s Once Upon a Time! Although it was a bit of a whirlwind, we enjoyed the sweet romance between these two iconic fairy tale characters. Meanwhile, some couples didn’t have such a happy ending: Snow and Charming and Rumplestiltskin and Belle are separated again, and we continue to ponder whether we can trust Hades or if Zelena needs to just say no to his unique tokens of love.

  1. Welcome back… and Britt previews some of fall’s upcoming tv pilots via a perplexing game
  2. Our Top 5s (9:15)
  3. Lighter side and listener letters (47:00
  4. News and a shoutout to all of the social media we hang out on (and some Snapchat lessons) (58:50)

-Amanda and Brittany

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