Episode 103: Firebird – Once Upon a Time


A red jacket origin story. Hades being a little – well, devil. The De Vil in charge of the Underworld. And of course, that tragic goodbye to Hook, right on the heels of learning that Emma’s love for him was true. Or was it really the end?

Come along with us for a conversation about almost every detail in this action-filled Once Upon a Time episode (and bid adieu to the Underworld red filter)!

  1. What happy shows are in your Netflix queue to help get through the ups and downs of the rest of the OUAT season?
  2. Our Top 5s
  3. The Lighter Side (and Brittany’s awesome idea for the next season) and Listener Letters
  4. News about what we can expect for the impending OUAT season 5 finale

See you all next weekend – it’s the last episode before the 2 hour finale! Are you ready?

– Amanda and Brittany


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