Episode 102: Sisters – Once Upon a Time


Did you feel it, everyone? That sisterly bond that brings us all together? Okay, maybe it just brings former evil queens and wicked witches together, but “Sisters” proved to be a meaty (albeit fast paced) episode that shed some light a secret Cora’s been keeping since Regina and her big sister were tweens. Once again, there’s an ace that Rumplestiltskin’s holding up his sleeve, and we see why Prince James just can’t let go of his anger toward David. We discuss all of this and other implications about what it means for people to go into that white light on this week’s Once Upon a Podcast episode.

  1. Welcome back to another week in the Underworld!
  2. Our Top 5s (5:20)
  3. Listener letters and news about the looming season finale (1:08:15)

We only have a few more weeks to go – what do you think will happen in the final few episodes of season 5?

-Brittany and Amanda

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