Episode 104: Last Rites – Once Upon a Podcast


Once Upon a Time had some incredible highs and disappointing lows this week: Robin Hood’s ultimate sacrifice, and a surprise reunion between Captain Hook and Emma marked an emotional episode for both the characters and the audience. How did you feel about the developments and choices in the penultimate week of OUAT season 5? We have lots of thoughts – and so do our listeners – and theorize how these game-changing developments will impact the season finale and beyond. If there’s one thing that Once Upon a Time can guarantee, is more twists and cliffhangers.

  1. Welcome back and let’s dive right into our Top 5s
  2. Listener Letters
  3. News and post-mortem interviews about this episode
  4. It’s a wrap and a little surprise announcement for our listeners!

We’ll see you back here for the season 5 finale.

-Brittany and Amanda

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