Episode 28: Bleeding Through

Regina and Robin Once Upon a Time

Robin and Regina kiss at the end of “Bleeding Through”

Discovering Cora’s past leads to a major realization by Snow and Regina about how they want to move forward into what future they may (or may not) have. There were so many amazing things going on in this episode: Regina and Snow had a heart to heart, Zelena and Regina had a sisterly visit, Rumplestiltskin and Zelena have a hot date, and of course a surprising kiss… we are getting very excited about how this season is going to wrap up, and also have a few thoughts and theories about how that might happen.

  1. Welcome to our 28th episode!
  2. Our Top 5s (3:45)
  3. The Lighter Side of Storybrooke (41:10)
  4. Listener Letters (50:35)
  5. News about upcoming episodes (59:00)
  6. Thanks for joining us! (1:10:40)

Only three weeks left of this Once Upon a Time season… don’t forget to join us again as we discover who wins the battle of wicked vs. evil.

– Britt and Amanda

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