Episode 47: The Apprentice

OUAT The Apprentice

A date with Captain Hand and a variation on Fantasia in The Apprentice

You have a date with us for another podcast! This time, things get more dramatic and even more complicated in the OUAT storyline, with a not-so-helpful hand from Rumplestiltskin, Anna takes on the Dark One and there’s a Grease-meets-Lady and the Tramp-style date night with Killian. Join us for a chat about the things we loved, the things we were not so sure about, and what the latest band name in Storybrooke is this week. Plus listener letters, new questions for you and much more!

  1. Welcome to our 47th podcast episode and some chitchat about Twitter (3:45)
  2. Our Top 5s (3:45)
  3. The Lighter Side, our rating plus new questions of the week! (43:50)
  4. Listener Letters (1:04:05)
  5. News of the week (1:11:40)
  6. Wrapping things up with a word on Sean Maguire’s “Songs for Amy” movie (1:18:20)

See you next week on Once Upon a Podcast for “Breaking Glass”!

– Brittany and Amanda

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