Episode 52: Smash the Mirror II (Listener Letters Extravaganza)

Once Upon a Time podcast

We sort through some listener letters this week!

We’re following up on last week’s two hour “Smash the Mirror” with a listener letter-focused episode for this hiatus week. We start out with a detailed description of a fairy tale that a lot of fans theorize is providing the inspiration for Regina’s current story arc. Then, some Frozen, Rumple, theories, predictions, “what-ifs” and more. And as always, you lucky listeners get to learn more Southernisms/Canadianisms of the week, hear our random questions (extra random this week!), poll results and some “what if Storybrooke had Thanksgiving” ideas.

  1. Hiatus week = our listener letter extravaganza! Welcome.
  2. Listener letters (9:30)
  3. Questions, polls, and some miscellaneous chitchat (1:07:50)

And we’ll be back next week for a new Once Upon a Time episode!

– Amanda and Brittany

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