Episode 57: Once Upon a Time Fanfiction 101

fanfiction authors hunnyfresh, someonethatiamnot, and misscamthenorwegian

Once Upon a Podcast speaks to a few of the Once Upon a Time fandon’s favorite fanfic authors!

In this hiatus episode devoted to that one thing that no one talks about, fanfiction, we attempt to uncover the appeal of fanfiction, explain why it’s such a big deal these days, and introduce it to those of you who aren’t (yet) avid readers of it. On top of it all, we were fortunate to interview three amazingly talented writers of Once Upon a Time fanfiction: Cam, Allison and hunnyfresh. Whether you’re brand new to the fanfic world or read it every spare moment you have, we hope you take away a little bit of a better understanding of the fanfic world!

  1. Amanda and Brittany discuss fan fiction: who writes it and why? What is up with all of the fan fiction being published? Is it changing the way we write (and read)? So many questions we have to answer!
  2. Cam (“misscamthenorwegian“): We speak with Cam, who writes fic about Snow and Charming. She tells a bit about why she loves writing about this couple (and how her Norwegian roots factor in to how she writes their story). [Segment begins at 24:40]
  3. Allison (“someonethatiamnot“): Allison tells us a bit about how and why she started writing an “AU” (alternate universe) fic about Robin and Regina, called Baker’s Dozen, and how she feels about the way that story has prompted some readers to discuss healthy relationships and sexuality. Please note, this discussion is “PG-13”. [54:20]
  4. hunnyfresh (pen name): Author hunnyfresh speaks to us about how she was inspired to write about Emma and Regina (Swan Queen). She gives us some insights into her writing process and what she has planned next for her wildly popular stories. [1:23:30]
  5. Thank you to all of the writers who joined us for this episode about Once Upon a Time fanfiction!

Great news: it may be the hiatus and we might have told you we’re only podcasting every other week, but guess what? We’re back NEXT WEEK! We’ll have an all-new podcast episode on January 20th devoted to listener letters, news, and our thoughts about “Into the Woods” and “Galavant”! See you then.

– Amanda and Brittany

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