Episode 58: Once Upon Listener Letters (Part II)


Listener letters OUAT podcast This week we have more of your listener letters about the season 4A finale, our reviews of ABC’s new television show, Galavant, and Disney’s movie Into the Woods. And as always, our OUAT poll of the week, Q&As, and some random speculation about what’s next in Once Upon a Time. Oh, and it’s a special podcast episode, because we said we weren’t podcasting every week during the hiatus… but this week, we’ll make an exception!

  1. Welcome! Our thoughts about Into the Woods and Galavant
  2. Q&A and poll of the week[ish] (15:50)
  3. Listener Letters (28:55)
  4. A little news as Once Upon a Time slowly gets back to filming following the holiday (55:40)
  5. Some chitchat before we say goodbye, but we’ll be back again with our previously-scheduled hiatus episode next week! (59:45)

Join us next week for our Character Report Cards podcast: we’ll be grading and discussing how some of Once Upon a Time’s main characters have been progressing lately. See you then!

Brittany and Amanda

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