Episode 69: Lily


Emma and Regina and Lily OUATWe have lots of strong thoughts about this Once Upon a Time episode: Emma and Regina, Emma and Lily, fate, destiny, soul mates, friends who are meant to be… there are so many deep themes in this episode and we leave no stone unturned. Plus, that plot twist, and where we think it will lead (yes, we do believe it’s going somewhere important). Plus, Zelena is crazy and twisty, Maleficent is magnificent, and we need to stop making terrible predictions that come true because we have a wild ride ahead that will probably require some coffee and Advil.

  1. Once upon a time, Amanda and Britt had to mentally prepare for this podcast episode
  2. Our Top 5s (2:40)
  3. Listener Letters (50:20)
  4. There’s no news this week so we chitchat to wrap up this Once Upon a Podcast (57:20)

Don’t forget to check in Thursday for our preview discussion for the next OUAT episode, “Mother.”

We’re ready for something we’ve never seen before… so join us for this podcast and let’s all get ready for the season 4B finale in 2 weeks!

– Amanda and Brittany

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