Episode 72: Operation Mongoose Part 2


Once Upon a Time season finale podcastHere we are: the final Once Upon a Podcast episode of Once Upon a Time season 4! How are we feeling after this episode? Well, probably a little better than Emma feels. We are so thrilled about how this season wrapped up, and focus our Top 5s on the relationship dynamics between Hook and Emma, Emma and Regina, Belle and Rumplestiltskin, and of course Henry and his one, big, happy (or at least for that brief time at Granny’s) family.

  1. Top 5 1:40
  2. The Lighter Side 54:30
  3. Listener Letters 1:09:00
  4. It’s a wrap on Season 4! 1:19:25

We can’t wait for Once Upon a Time to return in September, but until then, please subscribe because we’ll have a few podcast episodes throughout the summer and you won’t want to miss out on!

Thanks for a wonderful season, everyone.

– Amanda and Brittany

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9 thoughts on “Episode 72: Operation Mongoose Part 2

  1. Hi Amanda and Brittany,
    After watching the season finale for season four of Once Upon a Time, I had a question. What happened to Archie, Red, Ashley, Aura, Augustus and his father, and Belles father, Malificent and the blue fairy, and black fairy in the alternate universe? When everyone was in the AU what happened to Neal and Roland. Also what will be Neal be like in Season 5? I think they finally need to have him being able to walk and saying his first word. Like Henry, Neal has to grow up too. What about Aurora in Stroybrroke. She does know Malificent is in Storybrook. Is she mad at her or something. I also have a theory. If we have the return of Mulan then we will get Mulan’s back story because I am pretty sure we never have.
    Mia Swan

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