Episode 77: Flashback to 4A & Countdown to 5!


Remember season 4A? Our memories of it had grown a little hazy, so we step back into Frozen-over Storybrooke. Looking back on it after 4B brought us some fresh perspectives on this portion of the season. Also this week: it’s almost time for season 5! To kick off the countdown to season 5, we have a Top 5 list of the 1st minute of season 5 episode 1 (watch it here – if you don’t mind the spoilers!) and as always, our usual update on what we’re doing this summer.

  1. Welcome back to hiatus episode 4 out of 5!
  2. Our Top 5 moments of season 4A: Frozen, Emma coming to grips with her powers, Hook and his haunted hand, Regina trying to get over Robin Hood and more (21:15)
  3. The lighter side of season 4A (1:23:15)
  4. Listener letters (1:40:15)
  5. The latest and greatest season 5 news (1:55:40)

Also this month, we are excited to announce that we are now a part of the Podcastica network! Some of our favorite podcasts are a part of this group so it’s an honor to be connected with these other very talented podcasters and outstanding shows. Check out the Podcastica website – and definitely go subscribe to the other podcasts in the network!

See you again on September 22nd for our final hiatus episode when we will talk about season 4B and what to expect during the season 5 premiere.

-Brittany and Amanda

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One thought on “Episode 77: Flashback to 4A & Countdown to 5!

  1. Robert Carlyle was in ENGLAND ( his home Scotland) filming and directing a movie this summer. It got some good reviews. He has been at com-con in California in the past. He has often joined the cast at festivals…..But if he is out of country working he does not go to them.

    I follow the cast on IMDB to find out if they are filming other projects. That is usually the reason that some of the secondary charters do not show up… ie BELLE was doing a movie last summer.


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