Episode 80: The Price – Once Upon a Time 5×02


Once Upon a Time the priceWhat is the price of magic – and who is willing to pay it? Can Regina step it up and be the new savior of Storybrooke? And has the darkness seduced Emma? (Considering that Darkness comes with a nice new house and great wardrobe, who could blame her.) There are so many questions, and even more things to talk about, in this action-filled and visually spectacular second episode of Once Upon a Time season five. Club Medieval was kicking, from charming dance lessons to Henry’s smooth moves and the sweet dances between Captain Swan and Outlaw Queen. It’s all fun and games until someone realizes that the savior used to be the Evil Queen. Every moment of this OUAT episode was exciting – and we do our best to cover it all in this week’s podcast!

  1. Intro + Our Top 5s
  2. The lighter side and listener letters (59:00)
  3. News (1:21:55)

Join us again on Thursday night for our preview of the next Once Upon a Time episode!

-Brittany and Amanda

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