Episode 83: Dreamcatcher – Once Upon a Time 5×05


Henry and Violet in OUAT season 5Is anyone else seeing shades of season one? Sunday’s episode of Once Upon a Time certainly took us back to a time when a mayor and a savior had confrontations on front porches. We also got a taste of first dates and heartbreak, flashbacks to what set Regina onto her path of destruction, and a surprising event that started with a dark one in a Death Eater mask, and ended with dark and light magic converging to free the VIP of this season.

Join us for a conversation filled with reminiscing, theories, and King Arthur and Merlin fables!

  1. Welcome back to another episode and Brittany is devastated about something not OUAT related
  2. Our Top 5s
  3. The Lighter Side & Listener Letters
  4. (No news this week! It seems like everyone’s busy writing the rest of the Once Upon a Time season!)

As always check back on Thursday for our Twice Upon a Podcast, featuring our preview and theories about the upcoming episode.

-Amanda and Brittany

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