Episode 86: Birth & The Bear King – Once Upon a Podcast


episode86This week on Once Upon a Time we got two episodes for the price of one: “Birth” and “The Bear King” were back-to-back so we talk about both in this one podcast! First, we talk about the unexpected fate of Hook in “Birth” and debate whether Emma made the right choice. Then, we take a jaunt through the land of DunBroch with Merida, Mulan and Ruby. (What a great trio!) Plus, we share even more exciting news about this upcoming weekend at Heroes & Villains Con in California.

  1. We are having a MEETUP in San Jose, CA this weekend! And for those who can’t make it – we will be documenting the whole thing on¬†social media
  2. Our Top 5s for “Birth”¬†(8:00)
  3. Our Top 5s for “The Bear King” (50:10)
  4. Listener Letters and News (1:09:25)

We’ll see you next week when we have a special podcast episode following our trip to Heroes & Villains in San Jose!

-Brittany and Amanda

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