Episode 87: Broken Heart – Once Upon a Podcast


Once Upon a Time season 5 podcastWe are back after a week break from the regular Once Upon a Time schedule (and recovering from our panel hosting duties in California) and are trying to decide whether we like the darkest variation of Captain Hook yet (spoiler alert: we do like his fluffier hair and smoldering eyes). Unfortunately, smoldering Captain Hook doesn’t translate into smoldering Captain Swan: there are clearly rough seas ahead for this duo, when Emma realizes she got more than she bargained for when turning her lover dark. Also this week: everyone got their memories back, so there were some things that people figured out from their Camelot days (although we still have plenty of questions of our own). Plus, a Baby Hood… and possible redemption for Zelena? Join us as we talk through the mishmash of themes and stories in the penultimate episode of season 5A before we head into the winter finale of Once Upon a Time next week!

  1. What’s on our minds this week?
  2. Our OUAT Top 5s
  3. The lighter side and listener letters
  4. News

Join us on Thursday for our final Twice Upon a Podcast of season 5A!

-Brittany and Amanda

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