Not an Episode: Waiting for the Once Upon a Time Finale


Hey, Oncers! Let’s chat about Once Upon a Podcast. We have felt like we’re repeating ourselves too much lately and we’re getting a little too negative about the series. So much of what Once Upon a Time is doing with episodes right now involves characters that the series failed to get us to care about, and we find the storyline and characters’ behaviors to be nonsensical and not even worth trying to sort out. Since we don’t want to end a really wonderful 4 years of podcasting with several repetitive, negative episodes in a row, we have come up with a new game plan: we are going to do a massive episode following the Once Upon a Time series finale later this month. In that episode, we will cover everything from “Flower Child” onwards, with a focus on the finale and reflecting upon the series as a whole. Plus, as a bonus for you, we plan to do a livestream right after the finale episode on May 18th at 9pm Eastern time on Facebook. We can’t wait to talk about the finale with everyone in just a couple of weeks! In the meantime, stay in touch with us on social media, and subscribe to our podcast so you won’t miss out on an episode. – Brittany and Amanda

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