Episode 38: Once Upon a Mattress (& other stories we’d like on OUAT)

possible stories for OUAT

The fairy tales, myths, stories and even musicals we’d love to see in Storybrooke

Join us as we talk about theĀ stories, musicals and plays we think might make cool adaptations in Once Upon a Time. Plus, we chat about our recent interview with Sean Maguire, go over the most recent news as the show gets back into filming, and talk about what we’re into this week.

  1. Intro and a brief chat about the interview
  2. Our top five stories we’d like to see brought to Once Upon a Time
  3. Honorable mentions and Q&A time
  4. Listener Letters
  5. News and Spoilers
  6. What we’re into this week
As always, thank you for listening, and be sure to tune in for our next episode onĀ August 5th!
Amanda and Brittany
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