Episode 119: Once Upon a Time Season 6 Returns!

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Surprise! Welcome to a new episode of Once Upon a Podcast. We’re gearing up for the next half of Once Upon a Time season 6, which starts this Sunday night, March 5. Let’s talk about all of the new details we’ve heard since the show went on hiatus last December. We’re ESPECIALLY excited about that OUAT musical episode that is coming up this spring, along with new characters, returning guest stars, and new challenges for our beloved group of fairytale characters.

Episode 118: Wish You Were Here (Once Upon a Time 6×10)

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In Once Upon a Time’s midseason-six finale, we once again dove into a magical alternate universe along with Emma and Regina, who were wished into a land where the dark curse – and Emma being the savior – never happened. While this scenario led to one of our favorite Rumplestiltskin scenes, we hope Regina’s wake of destruction won’t come back to haunt her. Oh, and a certain someone who we thought was long gone made an appearance… so let’s speculate about what that could imply for next season. Meanwhile, Belle and Rumple were driven together by the knowledge that their son had disappeared from the Blue Fairy’s care, and before we knew it, a mysterious hooded figure emerged to deliver the second major twist in this episode. We thought that this episode and season had some ups and downs, so join us and see if you agree in our overall impressions!

Episode 117: The Changelings (Once Upon a Time 6×09)

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Babies, fairies, and an Evil Queen who is definitely not making any of this easier: Once Upon a Time has once again complicated life for the people of Storybrooke. This week, the series focused on Belle and Rumple – and how their version of Beauty and the Beast might not have the happy ending of its fairy tale counterpart. Meanwhile, Emma and Hook are trying to figure out the mystery of the sword from her vision and Aladdin and Jasmine are still pondering how they could find, not to mention save, Agrabah. We’re going to talk about the odds that these characters will be able to work their way through their problems, as well as chat about what might be coming up in next week’s mid-season finale (and beyond). Who’s up for a wild theory or two?

Episode 116: I’ll Be Your Mirror (Once Upon a Time 6×08)

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The people of Storybrooke need to stop conspiring against the Evil Queen, because it continues to backfire in disastrous ways. This week on Once Upon a Time, Emma and Regina were banished to a realm containing all of the mirrors of Storybrooke, while the Evil Queen imitated Regina around town and tried to get Henry to join the Dark Side. (That plan also backfired). Also, we adored the Snow and Charming montage, but how are they going to break out of the never-ending cycle that the Queen cursed them to endure? Let’s look into the magical mirror and try to figure out what is in store in the last few episodes before the mid-season break.

Episode 115: Heartless (Once Upon a Time 6×07)

Once Upon a Time Podcast
Once Upon a Time revisited the fact that Charming and Snow share a heart, and who better to use it against them than the Evil Queen? This week on the podcast we talk about that diabolical plot twist along with a beautiful Snow and Charming backstory that reminded us that they are the ultimate television True Love couple. Plus, Gold and Queen finally get down to business (and the fandom collectively cringes), we break down Regina’s meek new personality, and let’s talk about Zelena’s envy and Gold’s conversation with Belle.

Episode 114: Dark Waters (Once Upon a Time 6×06)

Captain Hook and Captain Nemo

This week, Once Upon a Time dove 10,000 leagues under the sea and into a part of Hook’s backstory that we haven’t seen. We revisit Liam 2.0 (remember Hook’s younger half-brother?) and meet his adoptive father, but the reunion is not smooth sailing between the brothers. How are you feeling about how this season is shaping up? Do you think that Once Upon a Time is still offering up new and exciting adventures, or has it recycled a few too many themes? We’re debating that question this week, so feel free to weigh in!

Episode 113: Street Rats (Once Upon a Time 6×05)

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This week Once Upon a Time takes us to Agrabah, and we meet the fabled Aladdin and Jasmine! Do you think it’s the last we’ll see of Aladdin and Jasmine or did the episode leave you wishing for more magical carpet rides? We also discuss Henry’s guilt and whether Emma is right to continue with her savior duties – or if Hook had a good idea in taking the scissors to save for a rainy day. Plus, we’re still trying to figure out whether the Evil Queen has any motive at all for her shenanigans.

Episode 112: Strange Case (Once Upon a Time 6×04)

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Strange, indeed. This week, the case of Jekyll and Hyde was wrapped up in a most unexpected way, with potentially disastrous implications for Regina. We love how Once Upon a Time also continues to deliver the cutesy Storybrooke moments with Snow jumping back into her teaching career and learning that being true to herself will help her students (who, incidentally, haven’t been to school in ages) learn something. Jasmine makes a surprise appearance, but we wonder why she is so mysterious?Meanwhile, Rumplestiltskin and Belle continue to struggle to get along and there are more failed attempts by Rumplestiltskin to change Belle’s mind… we discuss what is next for those crazy kids.

Episode 111: The Other Shoe (Once Upon a Time 6×03)

Cinderella in Once Upon a Time

This week we dive (back) into a familiar story, Cinderella! 6 seasons later, we are walking in Cinderella’s glass shoes again. The two of us discuss whether we enjoyed this twist on the popular tale. Plus, let’s talk about substantial storylines and dark mysteries for the Charmings, what the Evil Queen’s deal is, and of course, Emma decides there’s no time like the present when it comes to her life with Hook. How do you feel Once Upon a Time is going so far this season? If the ratings are any indication, this tv season seems to be a favorite for a lot of viewers.

Episode 110: A Bitter Draught – Once Upon a Time S6E2

Season 6 episode 2 Once Upon a Time a Bitter Draught

In which the Evil Queen roams around and conducts psychological warfare on the townspeople, including Regina. What else is new? Let’s talk about where season 6 is going so far and theorize a little bit about that mysterious hooded figure, the spoilery news about an upcoming arc, and the biggest mystery of the season: whether the Evil Queen will manage to flirt with everyone in Storybrooke before the season is over. Oh, and where is Belle living, anyways?

Episode 109: The Savior – Once Upon a Time S6E1

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Welcome to season 6 of Once Upon a Time (and our fourth year of podcasting about the series)! We liked the darker and more mysterious tone of this episode, but did that make this one of the best premieres ever in the show’s history? Speaking of history, the characters are bringing lots of baggage into this season – from Emma’s gloomy, impending fate, to Regina’s identity struggles and the ongoing Rumbelle Family saga – so we’re going over our thoughts and theories about where this season might take our favorite characters as they face their next challenges.

Episode 108: What happened last time on Once Upon a Time?

Podcast about Once Upon a Time

“There’s a town in Maine…” we are getting ready for the season 6 Once Upon a Time premiere this weekend with a discussion about where we are in the Once Upon a Time saga… and where it might all be leading. From important details you might have forgotten (like that whole Snow White and Whale thing) to Amanda’s comparison of all of the seasons with other epic sagas (is Henry Yoda?), we talk through the state of Storybrooke to make sure everyone is ready for the show’s return. We hope you all had a great hiatus and we can’t wait to start podcasting again this season!

Episode 107: Once Upon a Time Season 6 Preview

Evil Queen vs. Regina Mills in OUAT season 6There may still be two more months before the Once Upon a Time season 6 premiere, but thanks to a deluge of spoilers at last weekend’s Comic Con, a new sneak peek and a promo trailer, it’s time to talk about what to expect in the next OUAT season! We break down the casting news, interviews, tidbits, and even the cast members’ Instagram photos and share a few theories about what we think might happen next season on Once Upon a Time. Good, bad, or rotten to the core? Only time will tell what direction Once Upon a Time will go in!

Episode 106: Once Upon a Time Season 5 Wrap-Up

It’s time to take a look at everything that happened this season – from Camelot to the Underworld – on Once Upon a Time. From Dark Swans and Dark Hooks to dark deaths, plot twists and surprise resurrections, we’ve finally gathered our thoughts into the last Top 5 lists of the season. Plus, lots of listener letters from all of you following the finale, and a bit of our own speculation about what might come up on OUAT season 6.

  1. A little bit about what we’ll be doing this summer!
  2. Our Top 5s of Season 5 (9:30)
  3. Listener Letters (1:16:00)

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Episode 105: Only You & An Untold Story – Once Upon a Time

We made it, everyone! We got through all the highs and lows, the twists and turns, and even a character death to cap off Once Upon a Time season five. Join us to talk about Henry and Violet’s adventure in the Big Apple and another Regina and Emma road trip in “Only You,” plus the very Disney and yet dark turns with the power of belief along with the introduction of new villains in “An Untold Story.”

We have as many questions as we do points of conversations, so join us for our last top five list of season 5!