Episode 129: The Song in Your Heart (Once Upon a Time 6×20)

Captain Swan wedding episode season 6

It’s time for a Once Upon a Time singalong! For the first – and maybe only – time ever on the podcast, we play music critic and chat about each and every one of those sweet, funny, and even quite surprising musical numbers that the OUAT cast performed on this week’s penultimate episode of season 6. We also discuss how the unusual format added to the excitement of Emma Swan and Captain Hook’s wedding. Plus, we talk about some very significant casting news and theorize about how this season (or even the series) will wrap up next weekend on the Once Upon a Time season 6 finale.

Episode 121: A Murder Most Foul (Once Upon a Time 6×12)

OUAT murder most foulWhoa, who saw that coming?! This week, Once Upon a Time finally revisited a part of Prince Charming’s backstory, the story of his father, which ended with an unexpected twist. Let’s talk about how Josh Dallas rocked this week’s episode and had a (well-deserved) breakdown. Hook was there to valiantly save the day and their bromance was strong until… well, it wasn’t. This week also prompted even more theorizing about the romance (or lack thereof) between Regina and Robin Hood. This show is setting up plenty of mysteries, and for better or for worse, we’re here to try to decode all of them. Plus, we talk about some news that might give hints about what OUAT has up its sleeves beyond this season.

Episode 114: Dark Waters (Once Upon a Time 6×06)

Captain Hook and Captain Nemo

This week, Once Upon a Time dove 10,000 leagues under the sea and into a part of Hook’s backstory that we haven’t seen. We revisit Liam 2.0 (remember Hook’s younger half-brother?) and meet his adoptive father, but the reunion is not smooth sailing between the brothers. How are you feeling about how this season is shaping up? Do you think that Once Upon a Time is still offering up new and exciting adventures, or has it recycled a few too many themes? We’re debating that question this week, so feel free to weigh in!

Episode 65: Poor Unfortunate Soul

Podcast about Once Upon a TimeOnce Upon a Time got a little fishy and Rumplestiltskin got a little nosy in “Poor Unfortunate Soul.” From a tense interrogation scene between the Queens of Darkness (and the Dark One) in the “cabin of debauchery” with old August to Hook’s bad boy backstory to Ursula’s sweet tale that blended myth and Disney, listen to us voice our thoughts about this action-packed episode.

  1. Welcome to episode 65, and did we find Outlaw Queen wine?
  2. Our Top 5s (5:00)
  3. The Lighter Side (53:00)
  4. Listener Letters (59:00)
  5. News (1:19:15)

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Episode 47: The Apprentice

OUAT The Apprentice

A date with Captain Hand and a variation on Fantasia in The Apprentice

You have a date with us for another podcast! This time, things get more dramatic and even more complicated in the OUAT storyline, with a not-so-helpful hand from Rumplestiltskin, Anna takes on the Dark One and there’s a Grease-meets-Lady and the Tramp-style date night with Killian. Join us for a chat about the things we loved, the things we were not so sure about, and what the latest band name in Storybrooke is this week. Plus listener letters, new questions for you and much more!

  1. Welcome to our 47th podcast episode and some chitchat about Twitter (3:45)
  2. Our Top 5s (3:45)
  3. The Lighter Side, our rating plus new questions of the week! (43:50)
  4. Listener Letters (1:04:05)
  5. News of the week (1:11:40)
  6. Wrapping things up with a word on Sean Maguire’s “Songs for Amy” movie (1:18:20)

See you next week on Once Upon a Podcast for “Breaking Glass”!

– Brittany and Amanda

Episode 27: The Jolly Roger

Ariel and Hook in Once Upon a Time

Hook and Ariel share a tense moment during a flashback in “The Jolly Roger”

It wasn’t a exactly jolly good time for everyone in this episode: Captain Hook gets angsty, the tables are turned (and then twisted) in the developing relationship between Emma and Hook and we see Ariel again… sort of. Plus, it’s just another ordinary day for the Charming/Mills family: gramps teaching Henry to drive, Emma and David putting together a crib and Regina and Emma making magic (not tapas).

1. Welcome to our 27th episode and some random chitchat about our favorite television shows – plus a fun bit of news!
2. Our Top 5s (13:50)
3. The Lighter Side (47:50)
4. Listener letters (54:40)
5. News (1:04:45)
6. That’s all for this week (1:13:10)

We’ll see you again next week!
Amanda and Britt

An End to the Fight for Emma’s Love?

Michael Raymond-James, Jennifer Morrison, and Colin O'Donoghue

Michael Raymond-James, Jennifer Morrison, and Colin O’Donoghue

According to a quote Eddy Kitsis gave to TV Line, things may not be so competitive after all.

The guys will come to some sort of agreement during the Dec. 8 episode of Once Upon a Time, which is titled “The New Neverland.” Kitsis said of the love rivals who once shared a father-son-style bond, “You’ll see how they’re going to deal with each other and with Emma in, I think, a surprising way.” Maybe Hook confesses his love for the floor, and Emma sticks with what she said when it comes to not being able to be with Neal?


Colin O’Donoghue Talks About Hook

Colin O'Donoghue as Captain Hook

Colin O’Donoghue as Captain Hook

The Examiner recently sat down with Hook himself, and asked actor Colin O’Donoghue what we might be able to expect from Killian Jones.

O’Donoghue shared that he has never approached playing Hook as an “out and out villain,” it has been his selfishness that defined him when we first met him, and now that is shifting.

“Selfishness made him do villainous things at times. And a lot of it could be hearsay– a lot of the stories about Hook that people sort of– I don’t know yet, but the way I saw it was that, similar to The Princess Bride…there’s this sort of myth behind him but nobody ever saw it happen,” O’Donoghue said.

“I do think he’d happily kill you if he had to, but he might have a little bit of a cry about it after.”

Once Upon A Time will give further insight into Hook’s story this third season with a flashback episode that will show a side of Killian Jones that O’Donoghue thought would “surprise people.” In it we will see a younger version of him that may not be expected– but will it inform why he relates as much as he does to Emma?

Read the full length article at the source.