Episode 123: Page 23

Once Upon a Time page 23Regina and the Evil Queen have a (literal) heart to heart on this week’s Once Upon a Time. This episode, named after the infamous page that was supposed to have foretold Regina’s romantic destiny with Robin Hood, wrapped up two plots in one: what was to be done about the Evil Queen roaming around town, and what would happen to the wish world Robin Hood who wasn’t a fan of remaining in Storybrooke? Plus, Dead Men Tell No Tales: Emma and Hook finally had that little chat about a skeleton in Hook’s closet, and while things are looking shaky for the couple, at least fans can hope for a more romantic proposal than the one we got last week.

Episode 103: Firebird – Once Upon a Time

A red jacket origin story. Hades being a little – well, devil. The De Vil in charge of the Underworld. And of course, that tragic goodbye to Hook, right on the heels of learning that Emma’s love for him was true. Or was it really the end?

Come along with us for a conversation about almost every detail in this action-filled Once Upon a Time episode (and bid adieu to the Underworld red filter)!

  1. What happy shows are in your Netflix queue to help get through the ups and downs of the rest of the OUAT season?
  2. Our Top 5s
  3. The Lighter Side (and Brittany’s awesome idea for the next season) and Listener Letters
  4. News about what we can expect for the impending OUAT season 5 finale

See you all next weekend – it’s the last episode before the 2 hour finale! Are you ready?

– Amanda and Brittany


Episode 90: Emma & Killian – Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time ships Captain SwanOnce Upon a Time has stopped for the winter hiatus, but we are diving into 2016 with podcasts throughout January and February, revisiting one of our most popular and requested topics of all time: the relationships on OUAT. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be talking about all of the show’s major “ships” and how the development of these characters and their relationships, both friendship and romantic, impact the overall series.

The first ship we’re sailing on is Captain Swan, the relationship between Captain Hook (Killian) and Emma. This duo featured prominently in season 5A and how their relationship moves forward will (in our opinion) impact the rest of the series. We share our favorite Captain Swan quotes, moments and episodes, and discuss the highs and lows, including both commendations and critiques, of the development of this relationship and how it fits into the series as a whole. Of course, we also share a few letters from fans of Captain Swan.

Pass the hiatus with us on Once Upon a Podcast! We’ll be back with another episode – and another ship – on January 19. In the meantime, be sure to keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook.

-Amanda and Brittany

Episode 88: Swan Song – Once Upon a Podcast

Once Upon a Podcast season 5 Holy Hades! In a very long, twisty, traumatic, and overwhelming mid-season Once Upon a Time finale, our heroes are faced with surprising developments… some we saw coming, and some we didn’t. But fear not, because we’ll be your guide through the most shocking events that “Swan Song” had to offer. Plus we have our listener letters (so many people wondering what happened to Camelot), some end of season exit interviews from Adam, Eddy, and the OUAT cast, plus our plans for the winter hiatus.

It’s been a great half of the season and we already can’t wait to get back to our regular episodes in March!

Episode 35: Once Upon a Ship

Storybrooke town line OUAT

The Once Upon a Time season three midseason finale. We saw a lot of relationships evolve in season 3.

Hop aboard the love boat with us as we finally delve into all of the relationships in Once Upon a Time: past, present, and future(?!) We try our best to approach this topic with a positive and open mind, discussing what might happen on the show and what we as viewers can take away from the love stories. Plus, some news about what the cast is doing this month and what we’re into this week!

  1. Welcome to our massive “ship” episode!
  2. Our Top Relationships on Once Upon a Time: Aurora and Mulan • Sleeping Warrior [3:10], Ruby and Dr. Whale • Frankenwolf [11:40], Emma and Neal • Swanfire or Swan Thief [15:20], Regina and Daniel • Stable Queen [25:45], Rumplestiltskin and Belle • Rumbelle [31:15], Emma and Hook • Captain Swan [42:25], Snow White and Prince Charming • Snowing [50:40], Regina and David • Evil Charming [57:45], Regina and Emma • SwanQueen [1:03:45], Regina and Robin • Outlaw Queen [1:11:50]
  3. The Lighter Side and Listener Comments [1:20:55]: A bunch of ships that didn’t fit into our top 5 lists, including Mad Queen, August and Emma, Hooked Queen, Belle and everyone, etc. Plus you tell us about some of your favourite ships!
  4. Once Upon a Time news [1:31:21]: A little bit of Frozen casting news and the latest from the cast members who appeared in Paris in June: Lana, Jared, Rebecca, Robbie and Sean.
  5. What we’re into this week! [1:53:25]

The Nerdist podcast that Britt talked about can be found here.

We hope you enjoy this episode! See you again in 2 weeks!

– Britt and Amanda