Episode 76: Flashback to Season 2

Season 2 of Once Upon a Time podcastOur summer of revisiting past Once Upon a Time seasons continues with a very full discussion on season 2. Plus, what we are doing to get through the summer, surprise “The Tower” trivia just for Brittany, and all of the news, interview tidbits, and even a theory or two about Once Upon a Time season 5.

  1. Welcome back to another hiatus episode and (as always) an update on what we are watching on television
  2. Our Top 5s: revisiting some of the highs – and yes, lows – of OUAT’s sophomore season
  3. The Tower Trivia: Amanda challenges Brittany to a trivia game by asking 11 questions about her least favorite OUAT episode of all time (Spoiler alert: Amanda loses. It is sad.)
  4. Season 5 news!

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– Amanda and Brittany

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Episode 70: Mother

OUAT episode 70 Cora and Regina MillsLike mother, like daughter, right? Well, maybe not. Thanks to this week’s Once Upon a Time we explore the themes of motherhood. First, another Queen of Darkness got her happy ending when Maleficent and Lily reunited. Snow and Emma mended ways (although the timing of this worries us.) And of course, the always-spectacular Cora returns in a flashback to show us more of her tenuous relationship with Regina, once again pushing Regina into her self-destructive habits. Then there’s Zelena, the Author and a barbecued date in the dungeon: so much in this episode, so let’s get started!

  1. Welcome to episode 70
  2. Top 5s
  3. The lighter side & listener letters
  4. News
  5. Only one more “Twice Upon a Podcast” left (join us Thursday) and then it’s FINALE time on Sunday.

Thanks for listening and brace yourselves for that finale!

– Amanda and Brittany