Episode 134: A Pirate’s Life – Once Upon a Podcast

OUAT season 7 Emma Swan

Yo ho, yo ho… it’s a Once Upon a Time life for us. Or more specifically, a complicated Once Upon a Time life for us because once again this show threw a major plot twist in our way. Did any of you see it coming? Hyperion Heights Hook isn’t our Hook, and the “real” Hook and Emma back home in Storybrooke are (spoiler alert!) expecting a baby pirate! The show gave a fitting final goodbye to Emma Swan in this episode, providing us all a generally satisfyingly happy ending for Captain Swan. Meanwhile, new!Hook, Regina and Henry seem to be teaming up against something that feels off in Hyperion Heights, and we can’t help but wonder what is going on with Gold, aka. Weaver, and whether he’s awake in this curse or not.

Episode 131: Once Upon a Time Season 6 Wrap-Up and Emma Swan’s Journey

once upon a time tv podcast heroes journeyTo wrap up Once Upon a Time’s 6th season, and the final season for many of our beloved characters, we really dig deep into not just this past television season, but the entire series as a whole. We spend much of our time talking about our thoughts on Emma Swan and her character arc. Although we will always love OUAT – and are generally satisfied with how season 6 wrapped (just listen to the previous podcast episode for that!) – Amanda breaks out Joseph Campbell’s Heroes Journey to evaluate Emma’s overall story arc and where the show lost its way in the overall development of her character. To lighten the mood, we also address some of your comments and thoughts about the past season, and Brittany gives us hope about the news that Once Upon a Time is moving to Friday nights this fall (hint: it’s not as bad as you might think). We hope you all have an awesome summer hiatus (or winter for those in the Southern hemisphere!) and we will be back later in the summer once there is more news about season 7. Be sure to subscribe to Once Upon a Podcast on iTunes or your favorite podcast app so you can catch our next episode when it’s released!

Episode 130: The Final Battle (Once Upon a Time 6×21 and 6×22)

OUAT podcast once upon a podcastOnce Upon a Time’s Final Battle ended up being more like a series finale than just a season finale. And no wonder, because these were the episodes in which we had to say a bittersweet farewell to some of the central cast members who have been the foundation of the show for the past six seasons: we bid adieu to the Charmings, who maintained to the very end that hope is the most powerful magic of all (and the episode was replete with tributes to their best moments on the series). We also wrapped up Rumplestiltskin and Belle’s tumultuous last three seasons, finally giving them a new beginning. We were glad Henry got to act his age and finally go to school. And what we were mostly holding our breaths for – Emma’s ultimate fate – played out in this episode, with Emma’s story culminating in a Final Battle and a storyline that required her (and us) to remember who she truly is and how far she’s actually come since Once Upon a Time’s pilot episode. Oh, and then that set-up for Season 7… we are in for a drastic reboot!

What did you think about the Final Battle – was it a satisfying episode? Are you going to be watching season 7?

Be sure to subscribe to our podcast because we will be back in a few weeks, in early June, to talk about the larger picture of what has been wrapped up this season and how we feel about the overall stories of some of our beloved characters that won’t be back in the show’s future seasons.

Episode 129: The Song in Your Heart (Once Upon a Time 6×20)

Captain Swan wedding episode season 6

It’s time for a Once Upon a Time singalong! For the first – and maybe only – time ever on the podcast, we play music critic and chat about each and every one of those sweet, funny, and even quite surprising musical numbers that the OUAT cast performed on this week’s penultimate episode of season 6. We also discuss how the unusual format added to the excitement of Emma Swan and Captain Hook’s wedding. Plus, we talk about some very significant casting news and theorize about how this season (or even the series) will wrap up next weekend on the Once Upon a Time season 6 finale.

Episode 111: The Other Shoe (Once Upon a Time 6×03)

Cinderella in Once Upon a Time

This week we dive (back) into a familiar story, Cinderella! 6 seasons later, we are walking in Cinderella’s glass shoes again. The two of us discuss whether we enjoyed this twist on the popular tale. Plus, let’s talk about substantial storylines and dark mysteries for the Charmings, what the Evil Queen’s deal is, and of course, Emma decides there’s no time like the present when it comes to her life with Hook. How do you feel Once Upon a Time is going so far this season? If the ratings are any indication, this tv season seems to be a favorite for a lot of viewers.

Episode 77: Flashback to 4A & Countdown to 5!

Remember season 4A? Our memories of it had grown a little hazy, so we step back into Frozen-over Storybrooke. Looking back on it after 4B brought us some fresh perspectives on this portion of the season. Also this week: it’s almost time for season 5! To kick off the countdown to season 5, we have a Top 5 list of the 1st minute of season 5 episode 1 (watch it here – if you don’t mind the spoilers!) and as always, our usual update on what we’re doing this summer.

  1. Welcome back to hiatus episode 4 out of 5!
  2. Our Top 5 moments of season 4A: Frozen, Emma coming to grips with her powers, Hook and his haunted hand, Regina trying to get over Robin Hood and more (21:15)
  3. The lighter side of season 4A (1:23:15)
  4. Listener letters (1:40:15)
  5. The latest and greatest season 5 news (1:55:40)

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See you again on September 22nd for our final hiatus episode when we will talk about season 4B and what to expect during the season 5 premiere.

-Brittany and Amanda

Episode 59: Character Report Cards

Grading the Once Upon a Time charactersThis week we are joined by guest Jakie who helps us pass the hiatus by grading the progress that Regina, Snow, Emma and Rumplestiltskin have made since season 1! Who will pass and who will fail? Then, we look over some news about the Queens of Darkness. And if you have time while listening to this massive episode, don’t forget to head over to the Podcast Awards and nominate Once Upon a Podcast for an award in the Entertainment category!

  1. Intro
  2. We welcome Jakie to help us grade the progress of some Once Upon a Time characters
  3. A few listener tweets plus the latest news including details about Cruella, Ursula and Maleficent
  4. Some randomness to wrap up the episode!

We’ll see you back here in February for a Valentine’s Day themed episode about our favorite fictional couples in pop culture. There are only 2 more episodes before we get back to business with Once Upon a Time season 4B!

Amanda and Brittany

Once Upon a Podcast Episode 48: Breaking Glass

Once Upon a Time Regina and Emma friends

Friends forever…?

Holy ninja snow monsters! You don’t want to miss our very comprehensive talk about what that crafty Snow Queen is up to, Snow getting her groove back, and the finer details of the relationship between Regina and Emma. Plus, discussion on whether or not the Snow Queen (Sarah FIsher? Ingrid?) is sustainable as a villain, and much, much more. As always we have listener letters, news and spoilers, and what to expect next week.

  1. Welcome to episode 48!
  2. Our top 5
  3. The Lighter Side, our rating, plus new poll questions! (1:04:00)
  4. Listener Letters (1:19:30)
  5. Next week on OUAT + news and spoilers (1:24:05)
  6. That’s a wrap! (1:33:05)
Join us next week for a discussion about ‘Family Business.’
Brittany and Amanda

Episode 47: The Apprentice

OUAT The Apprentice

A date with Captain Hand and a variation on Fantasia in The Apprentice

You have a date with us for another podcast! This time, things get more dramatic and even more complicated in the OUAT storyline, with a not-so-helpful hand from Rumplestiltskin, Anna takes on the Dark One and there’s a Grease-meets-Lady and the Tramp-style date night with Killian. Join us for a chat about the things we loved, the things we were not so sure about, and what the latest band name in Storybrooke is this week. Plus listener letters, new questions for you and much more!

  1. Welcome to our 47th podcast episode and some chitchat about Twitter (3:45)
  2. Our Top 5s (3:45)
  3. The Lighter Side, our rating plus new questions of the week! (43:50)
  4. Listener Letters (1:04:05)
  5. News of the week (1:11:40)
  6. Wrapping things up with a word on Sean Maguire’s “Songs for Amy” movie (1:18:20)

See you next week on Once Upon a Podcast for “Breaking Glass”!

– Brittany and Amanda

Episode 32: There’s No Place Like Home (Part 2 of the season finale)

Season finale Once Upon a Time

The Charmings in the Season Finale

The epic conclusion of the season finale is here! Emma is meeting people she realizes she may care for more than she thought, we learn the baby’s name (Britt was wrong), there’s a wedding, there’s love after a long journey, and it’s never really as easy for Regina as we all hope it will be.

  1. We get right into it with our Top Fives (0:30)
  2. The Lighter Side of Storybrooke (37:30)
  3. Listener Letters and comments (45:35)
  4. Excerpts from next day interviews with Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis (56:25)
  5. That’s a wrap! A thank you to our listeners.

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Thank you all for sticking with us for 32 podcast episodes and 21 episodes of the show. We’ve had a blast this year and once we take a little vacation, can’t wait to come back this summer. You’ll be able to find us every other week until September!

If you enjoyed the podcast this season, it would really help us to know! Head over to iTunes and leave a review, or if words escape you, leave us a star rating. We appreciate it, we appreciate you all, and we hope you have a wonderful summer! See you in the fall!

– Amanda and Britt

Episode 25: Quiet Minds

Emma and Snow White in season three Once Upon a Time

Snow comforts Emma in “Quiet Minds”

This week we said goodbye to (spoiler) – for real this time. Our Top 5s include a discussion about the emotional moment, along with other chitchat about the ongoing saga between Rumplestiltskin and the Wicked Witch, Henry, the budding Regina and Robin romance, and Belle and Lumière.

  1. To start out this episode we chat briefly about Disney’s “Frozen,” which has become the most successful animated film of all time
  2. Our Top 5s (3:50)
  3. The Lighter Side of Storybrooke (36:50)
  4. Listener Letters (44:00)
  5. News and what’s coming up on Once Upon a Time (56:45)
  6. Our discussion about the penultimate Wonderland episode (1:13:20)

See you next week for a battle in the Wicked West!

– Amanda and Britt

Episode 14: Going Home

Going Home OUAT winter finale

Once Upon a Time midseason finale: Going Home

We somehow survived a turbulent first half of season three in Neverland and were left hanging on a steep cliff in this midseason finale. So much to discuss and process about this week’s episode, so let’s get right to it!

  1. Our Top 5s (0:25)
  2. The Lighter Side of Storybrooke plus our episode rating (49:40)
  3. Listener letters (59:35)
  4. Speculation about what is to come in the second half of season three *includes some spoilers (1:01:50)
  5. Final thoughts including what you can expect from us over the winter hiatus! PLUS Season 2 Blu-ray winner! Listen to hear if you won and then contact us at ouapodcast.com or via social media accounts within a week if you are the winner! (1:21:50)

Remember, Once Upon a Time might be on hiatus but we’re not. We’ll see you next week with another episode!

– Britt and Amanda

An End to the Fight for Emma’s Love?

Michael Raymond-James, Jennifer Morrison, and Colin O'Donoghue

Michael Raymond-James, Jennifer Morrison, and Colin O’Donoghue

According to a quote Eddy Kitsis gave to TV Line, things may not be so competitive after all.

The guys will come to some sort of agreement during the Dec. 8 episode of Once Upon a Time, which is titled “The New Neverland.” Kitsis said of the love rivals who once shared a father-son-style bond, “You’ll see how they’re going to deal with each other and with Emma in, I think, a surprising way.” Maybe Hook confesses his love for the floor, and Emma sticks with what she said when it comes to not being able to be with Neal?


Jennifer Morrison on ‘Think Lovely Thoughts’

Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan

Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan

Jennifer Morrison recently sat down with ETOnline to give her two cents on the season so far. She also explained what to expect from this Sunday’s episode:

We’re getting close to the point where our heroes, as they call us in the stage directions, are seeing their plan come to fruition. It’s also really redeeming for Emma that saving Neal is helping the situation with Henry. I think there was some confusion with the fans about why Emma would go to save Neal as if it were a distraction from saving Henry. But Neal had lived in Neverland before and she needed to make the next strategic move that would help them get Henry back because they were missing so much information. She saw Neal as the missing puzzle piece that would help them save Henry and that was the truth; he knows how to get them off the island, so it’s been redeeming that Emma trusted her instincts in thinking they would need Neal to beat Pan because she was right.

Read the entire article, including her feelings on Hook at the source.

Josh Dallas: David, Snow, and Emma

Josh Dallas as Prince Charming

Josh Dallas as Prince Charming

Josh Dallas recently spoke to Buddy T.V. to talk about a variety of topics, including Snow and Charming’s relationship with their daughter, Emma.

On Emma’s acceptance of who she is and how that will change the family dynamic:

I think as far as Mary Margaret and David are concerned they always wanted to be her parents. They have always wanted to have that experience with her. And, Mary Margaret has always approached it differently than David. She’s always tried to push the subject and really try — “I want to be your mother. I want to do this. I want to try to make this right from this point on.”

And, David has always tried to step back and let Emma try to find it organically as much as he could while still supporting his wife’s decision to go forward and trying to make it more. But, I think we come to a conclusion throughout the first half of this season that we can never be her parents in that way, in that idealistic way that we would want to be her parents. We can never do that. It’s not going to be possible.
Read the entire article, including more thoughts on how Charming and Snow can never truly be mom and dad at the source.