Episode 90: Emma & Killian – Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time ships Captain SwanOnce Upon a Time has stopped for the winter hiatus, but we are diving into 2016 with podcasts throughout January and February, revisiting one of our most popular and requested topics of all time: the relationships on OUAT. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be talking about all of the show’s major “ships” and how the development of these characters and their relationships, both friendship and romantic, impact the overall series.

The first ship we’re sailing on is Captain Swan, the relationship between Captain Hook (Killian) and Emma. This duo featured prominently in season 5A and how their relationship moves forward will (in our opinion) impact the rest of the series. We share our favorite Captain Swan quotes, moments and episodes, and discuss the highs and lows, including both commendations and critiques, of the development of this relationship and how it fits into the series as a whole. Of course, we also share a few letters from fans of Captain Swan.

Pass the hiatus with us on Once Upon a Podcast! We’ll be back with another episode – and another ship – on January 19. In the meantime, be sure to keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook.

-Amanda and Brittany

Episode 4: Lost Girl

Snow White in Lost Girl OUAT Season 3 Episode 2

Snow White stands up to the Queen during an Enchanted Forest flashback

Join us for a chat about “Lost Girl” with a focus on Emma and Snow White, plus Hook, Charming, Regina and more. We also have a bonus discussion about our first impressions of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland after the show.

  1. Jumping into “Lost Girl” with our Top 5 Emma and Snow White moments
  2. The Lighter Side of Storybrooke: everything from the Hook & Charming bromance to Rumple’s doll. Plus our rating of the episode (starts at 24:00)
  3. News and spoilers: we go over some our favourite tidbits about upcoming episodes and theorize about Tinker Bell, Robin Hood, Rumplestiltskin, Charming and the tragic fates of Disney parents (35:25)
  4. Letters from listeners: we had a lot of feedback this week and share some of our listeners’ ideas and theories (57:05)
  5. Wrap-up (1:14:30)
  6. Bonus: first impressions of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (1:16:00)

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– Amanda and Britt

Episode 3: The Heart of the Truest Believer

Once Upon a Time season three premiere

Hook and Emma have a chat in the season three premiere

It’s back! Launch into season three (and Neverland) with our Top Henry and Emma moments of the episode. We also chat about Rumplestiltskin bailing, Regina’s snark and Charming and the kraken. Join us for some news, spoilers, listener comments and a shout-out to another great podcast!

  1. Intro
  2. Our Top 5: Henry and Emma were the focus of this episode and we break down their big moments (2:05)
  3. The Lighter Side of Storybrooke: other moments we loved (and disliked) and the lines we can’t stop repeating, plus our episode ratings (29:05)
  4. News, our predictions for “Lost Girl” and spoilers (52:05; spoilers start at 59:40)
  5. Listener letters and comments: favourite season 2 episodes and mermaids! (1:08:40)
  6. A very important thank you: check out The Walking Dead ‘Cast and be sure to nominate them on the Podcast Awards (1:17:10)

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Have fun!

– Amanda and Britt