Episode 142: Secret Garden – Once Upon a Podcast (Once Upon a Time 7×11)

Zelena and Hook in Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time returned last week after a winter hiatus with a shocking (or… not?) death, and a romp through the Haunted Mansion. Over the past few months, ABC announced that the back half of season 7 will be the show’s last, so we talk about what we want to see OUAT wrap up in the next few weeks after seven years on television. As for this season, we come to terms with a few of the new storylines while gently critiquing a few others. This episode had a few highs and lows – and no doubt the remainder of the show’s run will be more or less the same – so sit down, relax and enjoy the home stretch with us!

Episode 128: The Black Fairy (Once Upon a Time 6×19)

once upon a time season 6 episode 19 the black fairy

As the infamous final battle looms over Storybrooke, we learn how the Black Fairy’s evil indeed wasn’t born, but was made… a callback to the show’s themes back in the first season. Is this the final season for Once Upon a Time, and if so, is the story that is currently unfolding, which reaches all the way back into the show’s earliest days, wrapping up in a way that we are satisfied with? On the podcast this week, we also discuss the implications of what the Black Fairy’s presence in Storybrooke means for Rumplestiltskin’s choices now, and whether we believe he’s teamed up with his dark mum, or if his heart is still in the right place. We’re getting super excited as this season begins to wrap up in unexpected ways (and we’re more than ready for next week’s musical episode!)

Episode 11: Once Upon a Fairy Tale

Once Upon a Time character Belle reads a book

Who doesn’t love fairy tales?

Dealing with Once Upon a Time withdrawals this week? So are we! Don’t worry, even though there was no new Once episode this week, there’s a new Once Upon a Podcast to help you get through. We chat about some of our favourite fairy tales (and myths) of all time, including the tales and twists we might like to see on Once Upon a Time someday. Plus, lots of Once Upon a Time news, spoilers and our speculations (including fears) about how the first half of this season is going to wrap up. So, grab those blankets and Thanksgiving snacks and join us for a chat.

  1. Welcome to our hiatus week episode
  2. Our Top 5 Fairy Tales (2:00) — Once Upon a Time audio clip from season 01, episode 17, “Hat Trick”
  3. Listener letters (50:50)
  4. Once Upon a Time news and spoilers (news at 54:40; spoilers at 58:15)
  5. Speculations and fears about how the first half of the season might wrap up (1:08:25)
  6. Thanks for joining us and don’t forget to send us your theories! (1:15:25)

Hope we helped you get through the week off.

– Britt and Amanda

Once upon a time… what is your favorite fairy tale?

book from once upon a time

What is your favorite fairy tale?

Britt and I will have a brand-new podcast next Tuesday even though there’s no new Once Upon a Time this weekend. For our next episode, we want to do something a little special and hear from you! Tell us your favorite fairy tale of all time  – whether Goldilocks, Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and anything and everything else in between, whether or not it has been covered by Once or Disney – and we may share it with our listeners. You can talk to us via our contact form, voicemail (click the link to the left!), Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, or the comments below this post. We’ll find your message!

We will also share our thoughts and theories (and fears) about how mid-season three is going to wrap up in December, so feel free to share your speculations as well.

Please share with us before Saturday, November 23rd for us to consider your comments for the show.

Oh, and while you’re waiting for Once to return, don’t forget to enter our sweepstakes to win season 2 on Blu-Ray!


Amanda (and Britt)