Episode 150: Once Upon a Time Series Finale – Once Upon a Podcast

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It’s the end of an era for both Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Podcast. Join us to discuss the series finale.

Not an Episode: Waiting for the Once Upon a Time Finale

Hey, Oncers! Let’s chat about Once Upon a Podcast. We have felt like we’re repeating ourselves too much lately and we’re getting a little too negative about the series. So much of what Once Upon a Time is doing with episodes right now involves characters that the series failed to get us to care about, and we find the storyline and characters’ behaviors to be nonsensical and not even worth trying to sort out. Since we don’t want to end a really wonderful 4 years of podcasting with several repetitive, negative episodes in a row, we have come up with a new game plan: we are going to do a massive episode following the Once Upon a Time series finale later this month. In that episode, we will cover everything from “Flower Child” onwards, with a focus on the finale and reflecting upon the series as a whole. Plus, as a bonus for you, we plan to do a livestream right after the finale episode on May 18th at 9pm Eastern time on Facebook. We can’t wait to talk about the finale with everyone in just a couple of weeks! In the meantime, stay in touch with us on social media, and subscribe to our podcast so you won’t miss out on an episode. – Brittany and Amanda

Episode 130: The Final Battle (Once Upon a Time 6×21 and 6×22)

OUAT podcast once upon a podcastOnce Upon a Time’s Final Battle ended up being more like a series finale than just a season finale. And no wonder, because these were the episodes in which we had to say a bittersweet farewell to some of the central cast members who have been the foundation of the show for the past six seasons: we bid adieu to the Charmings, who maintained to the very end that hope is the most powerful magic of all (and the episode was replete with tributes to their best moments on the series). We also wrapped up Rumplestiltskin and Belle’s tumultuous last three seasons, finally giving them a new beginning. We were glad Henry got to act his age and finally go to school. And what we were mostly holding our breaths for – Emma’s ultimate fate – played out in this episode, with Emma’s story culminating in a Final Battle and a storyline that required her (and us) to remember who she truly is and how far she’s actually come since Once Upon a Time’s pilot episode. Oh, and then that set-up for Season 7… we are in for a drastic reboot!

What did you think about the Final Battle – was it a satisfying episode? Are you going to be watching season 7?

Be sure to subscribe to our podcast because we will be back in a few weeks, in early June, to talk about the larger picture of what has been wrapped up this season and how we feel about the overall stories of some of our beloved characters that won’t be back in the show’s future seasons.

Episode 88: Swan Song – Once Upon a Podcast

Once Upon a Podcast season 5 Holy Hades! In a very long, twisty, traumatic, and overwhelming mid-season Once Upon a Time finale, our heroes are faced with surprising developments… some we saw coming, and some we didn’t. But fear not, because we’ll be your guide through the most shocking events that “Swan Song” had to offer. Plus we have our listener letters (so many people wondering what happened to Camelot), some end of season exit interviews from Adam, Eddy, and the OUAT cast, plus our plans for the winter hiatus.

It’s been a great half of the season and we already can’t wait to get back to our regular episodes in March!

Episode 55: Heroes and Villains

OUAT midseason finale Heroes and Villains

The Once Upon a Time midseason finale bid farewell to Frozen and introduced three sassy new lady villains

In the Once Upon a Time midseason finale, we said farewell to Frozen and hello to the Queens of Darkness: Ursula, Cruella, and Maleficent. But the real dark moment came from the Dark One himself: Rumplestiltskin and Belle shared a terrible and tearful goodbye at the town line (and as brokenhearted as you now are, we’re proud of you, Belle!) All that plus Hook gets his heart back, Elsa and Anna return to Arendelle, and a Robin and Regina separation that was dampened by some great moments between Regina, Emma and Henry who will be diving deeper into Operation Mongoose together. Join us for our Top 5s and lots of listener letters along with some interesting news about 4B.

  1. Welcome to our final podcast of 4A!
  2. Our Top 5s (1:35)
  3. The Lighter Side (55:55)
  4. Listener Letters (1:08:15)
  5. News and what’s next in OUAT season 4B (1:18:30)
  6. What’s we have planned for Once Upon a Podcast during the hiatus! (1:28:10)

Join us on December 30th for our season 4A wrap-up!

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