Episode 60: Once Upon a Romance

Our favorite romantic pairings in tv, movies and booksLet’s talk about love in this hiatus podcast episode! In honor of Valentine’s Day later this week, we, along with our guest Kitty, talk about our top 3 favorite romantic couples of all time from books, movies and tv. Then, we read a few listener letters and go over some of the latest and greatest Once Upon a Time season 4B news. We are getting so close to the return of OUAT!

  1. Intro and welcome to our guest
  2. Our top 3 romantic couples from movies, tv, and books (5:45)
  3. Time for another Q&A with Britt and Amanda (1:02:30)
  4. Listener letters (1:32:40)
  5. News and a lot of speculation about what is next (1:44:40)

That’s all for this week; we will be back in 2 weeks for our final hiatus episode before the Once Upon a Time midseason 4 premiere.

– Brittany and Amanda

Episode 36: Once Upon a Television

Once Upon a Podcast our favorite tv shows

Just a little (3 hour) chat about a few of our favorite tv shows.

Join us and special guest Kristin as we delve into our top five television shows. This is our longest podcast we’ve ever recorded and one of the most fun. From iconic cult classic The X-Files to recent smash hit Orphan Black, reminisce with us down t.v. memory lane.

  1. Welcome to Kristin, fellow Once Upon a Time enthusiast!
  2. Our top five television shows (caution, may include spoilers) (6:25)
    – Freaks and Geeks (6:50)
    – Orange is the New Black (10:30)
    – Sisters (21:05)
    – Life (27:00)
    – Short web series (including The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Hipsterhood, Very Mary Kate, Husbands) (32:15)
    – The Walking Dead (40:35)
    – The West Wing (50:45)
    – Gilmore Girls (56:55)
    – Will & Grace (plus a shoutout to our other favorite sitcoms) (1:07:00)
    – Dead Like Me (1:16:30)
    – Reign (1:26:25)
    – X-Files (1:39:10)
    – Orphan Black (1:54:30)
    – LOST (2:02:15)
  3. The Lighter Side: a few honorable tv mentions including Buffy, Dr. Quinn, and some childhood favorites (2:15:15)
  4. Listener letters, a little bit of news including Frozen casting news and Jennifer Morrison at Oz Comic Con, and what we’re into this week (2:26:30)

Songza.com can be located here!

Check out the web series that Amanda talked about: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Emma Approved, Hipsterhood, Very Mary Kate, and Husbands.

Enjoy the show, and see you in two weeks!

Britt and Amanda