Episode 147: Breadcrumbs – Once Upon a Podcast (Once Upon a Time 7×16)

OUAT podcast breadcrumbs

First of all, there goes the bromance between Henry and Nick aka. Hansel, right?! This week we seriously question Henry’s judgement and general life skills and wonder whether it’s truly in character based on the Henry we knew as a kid. With that said, our kudos to Henry for being way more professionally successful with podcasting than we have been so far! This Once Upon a Time episode really only gave us a few “crumbs” to discuss, since we don’t see the Serial Killer Hansel storyline going very far – and we don’t exactly hide our frustrations with that fact – but it’s also worth focusing on the fact that this season has gotten a few things right (namely, the Tilly/Nook father-daughter story, which is still very cute)!

Episode 134: A Pirate’s Life – Once Upon a Podcast

OUAT season 7 Emma Swan

Yo ho, yo ho… it’s a Once Upon a Time life for us. Or more specifically, a complicated Once Upon a Time life for us because once again this show threw a major plot twist in our way. Did any of you see it coming? Hyperion Heights Hook isn’t our Hook, and the “real” Hook and Emma back home in Storybrooke are (spoiler alert!) expecting a baby pirate! The show gave a fitting final goodbye to Emma Swan in this episode, providing us all a generally satisfyingly happy ending for Captain Swan. Meanwhile, new!Hook, Regina and Henry seem to be teaming up against something that feels off in Hyperion Heights, and we can’t help but wonder what is going on with Gold, aka. Weaver, and whether he’s awake in this curse or not.

Episode 14: Going Home

Going Home OUAT winter finale

Once Upon a Time midseason finale: Going Home

We somehow survived a turbulent first half of season three in Neverland and were left hanging on a steep cliff in this midseason finale. So much to discuss and process about this week’s episode, so let’s get right to it!

  1. Our Top 5s (0:25)
  2. The Lighter Side of Storybrooke plus our episode rating (49:40)
  3. Listener letters (59:35)
  4. Speculation about what is to come in the second half of season three *includes some spoilers (1:01:50)
  5. Final thoughts including what you can expect from us over the winter hiatus! PLUS Season 2 Blu-ray winner! Listen to hear if you won and then contact us at ouapodcast.com or via social media accounts within a week if you are the winner! (1:21:50)

Remember, Once Upon a Time might be on hiatus but we’re not. We’ll see you next week with another episode!

– Britt and Amanda

Jared Gilmore Talks About Belief in Neverland

Jared Gilmore as Henry Mills

Jared Gilmore as Henry Mills

Jared Gilmore weighed in recently on why Henry has so much belief, and why Pan needs it.

“I think Henry has so much belief because over his life, he’s had so much stuff to believe in. In the first season, he had to believe in Emma, that she was the Savior, and he had to try and convince her that she is this person, and all these people are them. And then, in the second season, at the beginning, he has to believe that Emma and his grandma, Snow White, can get back from Fairy Tale land, and he also has to believe in his whole entire family, too. And in the third season, he has to believe in his family to come save him, but because he doesn’t know that they’re coming to save him, he could eventually lose that belief.”

Could Henry have magic inside him too?

“I think Henry is magical himself, well, being his bloodline, his family, and also the fact that he has so much belief makes him magical.”

Read the full article, including why Pan wants Henry exactly, here.

Neverland and Peter Pan, plus baby Henry?

once upon a time, peter panWhat’s in store for the Lost Boys and Neverland? Hollywood Reporter looked for some answers from Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis:

How far can they go with the Lost Boys? Because the villains are essentially children and young teenagers, how evil can they truly go? “That is a really interesting dilemma to have villains that just by looking at them you can’t gauge in a real way,” Horowitz said. “The Lost Boys have a bit of the Lord of the Flies situation going on but it is tough and no one wants to kill children but they want to get Henry back and this is the villain,” Kitsis said.

And, there was a tease about baby Henry:

Henry’s early years: It was crucial for producers to include the flashback scene of Emma giving birth to Henry 11 years ago. If for any reason than that it “showed her growth,” Kitsis said. “It showed how far she came. It showed what a hard decision it was for her.” Horowitz added that seeing baby Henry was significant for the first half of season three: “It’s not the last we’re going to see of baby Henry.” Added Kitsis: “I’ve always wondered how he got adopted,” which happens around episode nine.

You can read the entire article at the source.