Episode 85: Nimue – Once Upon a Podcast

4h9w8NCbMyYmFan3qWScIcS6JnYP3RedCzHwhhtI1ncOnce Upon a Time has plunged headfirst into Arthurian legend and darkness. In this episode, we learn about the tragic love between Merlin and Nimue, who chose power and immortality over love. Emma faces major tests in both the Camelot flashback and in present day Storybrooke – and it’s disheartening to watch. Plus, Zelena’s shenanigans are still some of our favorite things.

PLUS an exciting announcement: Once Upon a Podcast is going on a field trip to San Jose, California and we want to meet up with all of YOU! Listen in for details (we’ll also post the open invite on our all social media.)

  1. We are packing our bags to head off to Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in San Jose, CA on November 20-21st!
  2. Our Top 5s (7:20)
  3. The Lighter Side and Listener Letters (43:00)
  4. News and what’s coming up in the rest of this season (1:02:00)

-Amanda and Brittany