Episode 83: Dreamcatcher – Once Upon a Time 5×05

Henry and Violet in OUAT season 5Is anyone else seeing shades of season one? Sunday’s episode of Once Upon a Time certainly took us back to a time when a mayor and a savior had confrontations on front porches. We also got a taste of first dates and heartbreak, flashbacks to what set Regina onto her path of destruction, and a surprising event that started with a dark one in a Death Eater mask, and ended with dark and light magic converging to free the VIP of this season.

Join us for a conversation filled with reminiscing, theories, and King Arthur and Merlin fables!

  1. Welcome back to another episode and Brittany is devastated about something not OUAT related
  2. Our Top 5s
  3. The Lighter Side & Listener Letters
  4. (No news this week! It seems like everyone’s busy writing the rest of the Once Upon a Time season!)

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-Amanda and Brittany

Episode 82: The Broken Kingdom – Once Upon a Time 5×04

What do you think about King Arthur? Is he the ultimate villain in this season – or not? What about the whole Guinevere/Lancelot love triangle? We debate these points – and more – as the questions start adding up about Camelot in season 5 of Once Upon a Time. Plus: Snow and Charming are back in their heroic element and we love it! Plus, a glance into Arthurian legends (we can’t remember everything from high school lit class, oops). Plus, some of Brittany’s (terrifying) theories (that we hope won’t come true) about this season.

  1. What’s going on in our lives (and televisions) this week?
  2. Our Top 5 lists
  3. The lighter side and listener letters
  4. News about what’s coming up in Camelot

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-Brittany and Amanda

Episode 81: Siege Perilous – Once Upon a Time 5×03

Once Upon a Time season 5 King ArthurWho is the knight in (literal) shining armor? In this third episode of Once Upon a Time, we discover that it is indeed Prince Charming, who sets out on a quest and to create his own legacy beyond the deliverer of true love’s kiss. Unfortunately, David might have found the wrong ally in King Arthur, something he’s unaware of as they search for a magical mushroom. From Charming to the less-than-charming (and oh-so-very secretive) Emma, Zelena and Regina sibling fights, and our beloved new bromance between Robin Hood and Captain Hook, season 5 is shaping up to be one of the most unpredictable and exciting seasons for Once Upon a Time.

  1. An über introduction to this episode
  2. Our Top 5s – are they totally the same, or totally different? We didn’t know this week!
  3. The lighter side and listener letters (and sorry for the 10 billion times we say “whoa mate” in this episode)
  4. News, including NYCC tidbits about upcoming episodes

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-Amanda and Brittany