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Regina Mills Lana Parrilla interview

In November, we traveled to San Jose, California to host panels with Rebecca Mader and Lana Parrilla at Fan Fest’s Heroes and Villains Con. We are so excited to share the audio from these panels with all of you!

First up, we speak with Lana Parrilla about Regina’s development over the past 5 seasons of Once Upon a Time and what she thinks is in store for the Queen. Lana’s insights and hints about what are in store for Regina make us so excited for the show to return from hiatus.

Next we talk with Rebecca Mader, who shares insights into what she has enjoyed most about working on Once Upon a Time and in other television shows, and gives us a little look into how she approaches the delightfully wicked Zelena and what she hopes might happen with her in the future of OUAT.

Many thanks to Heroes & Villains who did an awesome job with the con! We had a great time interviewing these two women and were so inspired by Lana, Rebecca and all of the fans we met there.

-Brittany and Amanda

*Photos courtesy of sgtmac7 on Tumblr.

Episode 50: The Snow Queen

Once Upon a Podcast

Our 50th podcast: Once Upon a Time “The Snow Queen”

Once Upon a Podcast celebrates its 50th episode this week with a discussion about “The Snow Queen.” What a great Once Upon a Time episode to chat about: from Ingrid’s chilling backstory, to Emma’s out of control powers in Storybrooke, Rumplestiltskin and Ingrid channel “Pinky and the Brain,” and Robin Hood makes a decision about Regina – and we are delighted with the results.

Welcome to our 50th episode and a few thoughts about our podcasting experiences

  1. Our Top 5s (14:35)
  2. The Lighter Side (56:40)
  3. Listener Letters (1:12:55)
  4. News and spoilers (1:28:20)
  5. A look back at 50 episodes (1:38:55)

Get ready for next week’s 2 hour Once Upon a Time extravaganza!

– Brittany and Amanda

Episode 34: Once Upon a Dream

Disney's Maleficent 2014

Angelina Jolie in Disney’s Maleficent.

The summer hiatus continues with our Top 5 moments in Disney’s Maleficent. (Hint: we loved it!) We also chat about how Frozen might fit into season 4 of Once Upon a Time and whether OUAT will draw upon the original Hans Christian Anderson story. Plus, news about Lana Parrilla, Sean Maguire and Rebecca Mader at Spooky Empire Con in May, listener letters, Q&A with Britt and Amanda, and what we’re into this week!

  1. Welcome and a little chat about Frozen: how will Elsa/The Snow Queen fit into Storybrooke?
  2. Our Maleficent Top 5s: obviously, this contains a lot of spoilers about the movie so please proceed with caution if you haven’t seen this movie. We highly recommend you go see it first and then come back to listen! (11:20)
  3. Q&A with Britt & Amanda (43:30)
  4. Listener Letters (53:15)
  5. OUAT news including thoughts about the con panel (1:04:55)
  6. What we’re into this week (1:19:35)

Thanks for sticking with us through the hiatus! We hope you’ll continue to send us letters (via email, Twitter or Tumblr) all summer long!

– Amanda and Britt

Episode 12: Save Henry

OUAT Season 3 Episode 9 Save Henry

A panicked mom: Regina and baby Henry in a flashback on Once Upon a Time

Feeling a little choked up after this episode? So were we! So much was shown – and explained – about Regina and Henry and it broke our hearts. All the awards to Lana Parrilla.

1. Intro
2. Our Top 5s: a focus on Regina and Henry, but a little bit about Emma and Pan, too (1:40)
3. The Lighter Side of Storybrooke: lots of great little moments were found in this emotionally-charged episode, plus our episode rating (35:15)
4. Listener Letters (53:15)
5. News and spoilers and some random speculation to go along with those confusing photos (58:20)
6. That’s all for this week! Don’t forget to enter our sweepstakes and send us your questions, comments, thoughts and theories! (1:14:40)

Enjoy the episode!
Amanda and Britt.

emma and birthday cupcake image from tumblr

P.S. Hey everyone, join me in wishing Britt a very happy birthday this week! I could not have asked for a better co-host. -A. (gifsource)


Once Upon a Time, Lana Parrilla on Peter Pan and Parenting with Emma

Promotional still from 3x02, 'Lost Girl.'

Promotional still from 3×02, ‘Lost Girl.’

Regina will get plenty of chances for more snark in coming episodes, as the journey into Neverland keeps Regina and the Charmings in close quarters for a while. Despite the snark, Parrilla admits that they have to work together. “I think it’s about compartmentalizing. They just have to put it aside for now. The main objective is Henry, and getting Henry back. We just have no choice but to work together. I think, also when we see that Emma and Regina have gotten to a place where they’re calling themselves ‘the Moms,’ it’s a little more cordial, I find,” she explains, pointing out that it’s not Emma who has been the real problem for Regina in this “war.” “The real war has always been between the Evil Queen and Snow White. Emma was always a threat, because she came to Storybrooke and she’s trying to take Henry back, but I find that this season, we’re working together, and they’re getting along. There’s an episode coming up where Regina has to help her with magic, so she’s teaching her magic,” she reveals. “I’m slightly impatient, as Regina is, but I think she’s enjoying the camaraderie, at least with Emma.”

Ultimately, the Charmings and Regina will surely end up in battle with Peter Pan — a character that hasn’t seem to have fazed the “Evil Queen” just yet. “I don’t think she really understands this ‘Pan’ character,” Lana admits. “He’s a teenager, and I think that’s how she looks at it. She’s never interacted with him, so I don’t think she fears him the way others fear him. He’s kind of a mystery to her. Someone’s like ‘he’s a big scary monster!’ and you’re like ‘yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it.’ It’s that kind of thing. I don’t think she really buys how powerful he is just yet.”

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