Episode 42: Once Upon a Neverland

Peter Pan Once Upon a Time

Ready to go back to Neverland?

This week we revisit Neverland with our Top 5s about Once Upon a Time’s season 3A. Then, we continue to count down to season 4 with our wishlist for the Frozen characters. And of course, our usual weekly poll, news and more.

  1. Welcome back to our weekly podcast! And we’re already gearing up for a special live tweeting session on season premiere night.
  2. Our Neverland Top 5s (4:35)
  3. The Lighter Side (43:00)
  4. Poll of the week and Q&A (48:20)
  5. Our season 4 wishlist: what we hope for Elsa, Anna and everyone else from Arendelle (1:00:00)
  6. Listener letters and news (1:14:00)
  7. Wrapping everything up and news about our book club! (1:31:15)

We’ll see you again next Tuesday for a chat about season 3B and our final season 4 wishlist!

– Brittany and Amanda

Episode 10: Think Lovely Thoughts

Once Upon a Time 3x08 Neverland

In Think Lovely Thoughts, the Neverland heroes finally work together in their plan to get to Henry before it’s too late.

In our 10th (!) episode, we discuss what was possibly the most exciting Once Upon a Time episode of the season so far: Think Lovely Thoughts. This show contained lots of surprising twists and turns and lots of powerful moments, plus a dash of bromance and sass thrown in for good measure.

  1. Welcome to our 10th episode!
  2. Top 5s: Can we just say every moment was our favourite moment of this episode? (2:10)
  3. Lighter Side of Storybrooke: We try to find a few lighter things in this rather dark episode (34:40)
  4. Listener letters (44:30)
  5. What’s coming up next week and an assignment for our listeners (55:00)

Despite no new episode next Sunday, we’ll still have a new podcast episode next Tuesday. Be sure to send in your questions, comments and feedback since we’ll have even more time to share listener letters next week. We also want to hear what your favourite fairy tale is, or your favourite fairy tale adaptation by Once Upon a Time thus far.

We can’t wait to hear what you think!

– Britt and Amanda

Episode 9: Dark Hollow

Belle and Ariel ouat

Belle and Ariel in a tight situation back in Storybrooke

In Dark Hollow (not Deathly Hallows!), we meet some new “outsiders” with a twist, continue to stumble through Neverland, and return to Storybrooke (finally!) where we watch a friendship form between Belle and Ariel. We had some mixed thoughts about this episode – including a couple of questions that we just can’t answer – so join us for this week’s episode and feel free to send your thoughts & feedback!


  1. Welcome to our 9th episode!
  2. Our Top 5s (2:40)
  3. Lighter Side of Storybrooke and our episode rating (36:40)
  4. Listener letters (59:35)
  5. News and spoilers (news at 1:07:00; spoilers at 1:18:40)
  6. It’s a wrap plus updated details on how to enter our Blu-Ray sweepstakes (1:23:15)



Amanda and Britt

A New Storybrooke Curse?

lost boys in Neverland

Lost boys in Neverland

This season, the action on ABC’s Once Upon a Time has taken place almost entirely on Peter Pan’s magical island of Neverland – and will remain there for the rest of 2013, as producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have teased, before the characters return to Storybrooke, where a new curse is expected to wreak havoc.

The characters’ days in Neverland may be numbered, but, teases Josh Dallas (Charming), “the island may end up coming home with us in some way.” Whether it’s the island’s spells or its inhabitants, viewers will have to wait and see.


Neverland and Peter Pan, plus baby Henry?

once upon a time, peter panWhat’s in store for the Lost Boys and Neverland? Hollywood Reporter looked for some answers from Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis:

How far can they go with the Lost Boys? Because the villains are essentially children and young teenagers, how evil can they truly go? “That is a really interesting dilemma to have villains that just by looking at them you can’t gauge in a real way,” Horowitz said. “The Lost Boys have a bit of the Lord of the Flies situation going on but it is tough and no one wants to kill children but they want to get Henry back and this is the villain,” Kitsis said.

And, there was a tease about baby Henry:

Henry’s early years: It was crucial for producers to include the flashback scene of Emma giving birth to Henry 11 years ago. If for any reason than that it “showed her growth,” Kitsis said. “It showed how far she came. It showed what a hard decision it was for her.” Horowitz added that seeing baby Henry was significant for the first half of season three: “It’s not the last we’re going to see of baby Henry.” Added Kitsis: “I’ve always wondered how he got adopted,” which happens around episode nine.

You can read the entire article at the source.