Episode 132: Summer Season 7 News

once upon a time season 7 photo

Hey there, Oncers! We’re back for a special summer podcast episode discussing the latest Once Upon a Time news following San Diego Comic Con. We have lots of Once Upon a Time goodness to cover: a new trailer, a sneak peek that revealed the first few minutes of the first episode of the next television season, and lots of casting (and guest star) updates. Sit down and catch up with us… we’ll even have a bit of theorizing about what could happen next season on OUAT!

Episode 18: Once Upon a Season 3B Spoilers

Robert Carlysle and Rose Mcgowan in Once Upon a TIme

Rumplestiltskin and Cora strike a deal in season 2

It’s time for another hiatus episode! Britt and Amanda continue the adventure that is surviving the break by delving into lots of spoilers that have been popping up about the second half of season three. (Don’t worry if you want to avoid spoilers, we give ample warning before spilling anything!) Before we get into those, as a follow-up to our previous episode we chat a bit about season 2 especially with regards to what might still happen in season 3. Plus, letters and chitchat about the upcoming Maleficent movie.

1. Intro and talking about the upcoming “Maleficent” movie
2. Season 2: our favorite and least favorite parts and what might be important in the second part of season 3 (starting at 18:30)
3. Listener letters (39:45)
4. News, spoilers and theories (heavy on spoilers) (51:00)
5. That’s a wrap! (1:31:10)

See you again in 2 weeks. Only 2 more episodes left until we’re back to discuss a new Once Upon a Time episode!

-Amanda and Britt

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Closer to Neverland

ouat cast behind the scenesThe two hour premiere event on Sunday, September 29th, begins with Journey to Neverland, which promises to not only “explore the new series in a way that will bring new viewers up to date, but which current viewers will also find illuminating.” (Per ABC’s press release.)

The official ABC press release explains that the special will take a look at a few big storylines, including Emma and Snow White’s separation from their family in post-curse Fairy Tale Land; Cora’s plan to eliminate Rumple and become “The Dark One”; the big Neal reveal of him being Henry’s father; Greg and Tamara kidnapping Henry; and Neal’s fate when he’s found by Aurora, Mulan, and Prince Phillip!

Additionally, “backstories and secrets” of our favorite characters will be revealed, and it will also offer a glimpse into the trek to Neverland in Season 3.

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