Episode 140: One Little Tear – Once Upon a Podcast (Once Upon a Time 7×09)

After a long hiatus, Once Upon a Time brings us a true fairy tale-inspired episode to keep the momentum of season 7 going. We enjoyed diving into this reimagined version of “Rapunzel” and appreciated that the show explored Lady Tremaine’s past in a more dynamic way. We also theorize on what might happen next week, which is the final episode before the show goes on its winter break. Could the curse be broken? If so, by whom? And who cast that curse anyways, and why? There are lots of ideas that we toss around and discuss!

Episode 124: A Wondrous Place (Once Upon a Time 6×15)

OUAT a wondrous place episode agrabah aladdin and jasmine

Welcome back to another episode of fairy tale shenanigans. This week Once Upon a Time takes a magical carpet ride to places under the sea, deserted islands and Agrabah! Hook needs to get “crackin'” on getting back to Emma and clear up a really terrible misunderstanding. Jafar tries to explain his motivations regarding Agrabah, but do they really come across well? And does it even matter, because it looks like we’re done with the “Wondrous World,” after all. We also can’t forget to talk about ladies’ night at Aesop’s Tables (courtesy of Regina’s thrifty coupon cutting). Let’s chat!

Episode 104: Last Rites – Once Upon a Podcast

Once Upon a Time had some incredible highs and disappointing lows this week: Robin Hood’s ultimate sacrifice, and a surprise reunion between Captain Hook and Emma marked an emotional episode for both the characters and the audience. How did you feel about the developments and choices in the penultimate week of OUAT season 5? We have lots of thoughts – and so do our listeners – and theorize how these game-changing developments will impact the season finale and beyond. If there’s one thing that Once Upon a Time can guarantee, is more twists and cliffhangers.

  1. Welcome back and let’s dive right into our Top 5s
  2. Listener Letters
  3. News and post-mortem interviews about this episode
  4. It’s a wrap and a little surprise announcement for our listeners!

We’ll see you back here for the season 5 finale.

-Brittany and Amanda

Episode 89: 2015 Wrap Party

It’s the end of 2015 and we are wrapping up the year with some top 5 lists and a lot of questions that you asked us! From top 5 plot points that we want Once Upon a Time to pick up soon, Top 5 Storybrooke headcanons, another Top 5 costume list, we cover a little bit of everything. We also answer some of your questions, exploring all of the big questions in life. It’s a smorgasbord of topics today to finish off this year in style! This is also the beginning of the OUAT hiatus, and you can expect more new podcast episodes from us before the show is back in March.

  1. What we are up to now that Once Upon a Time is over and some bonus interesting holiday cooking tips
  2. Top 5 Holiday Gifts for OUAT characters, Top 5 Holiday Headcanons, Top 5 Plot Points that we want the show to pick up, Top 5 costumes (updated + enhanced for season 5A!)
  3. Q&A: We A your Qs! And get deep and philosophical
  4. Listener letters and a little bit of news

Have a wonderful holiday and a safe and happy new year! We’ll see you with a new podcast in 2016 in two weeks!

-Amanda and Brittany

Episode 80: The Price – Once Upon a Time 5×02

Once Upon a Time the priceWhat is the price of magic – and who is willing to pay it? Can Regina step it up and be the new savior of Storybrooke? And has the darkness seduced Emma? (Considering that Darkness comes with a nice new house and great wardrobe, who could blame her.) There are so many questions, and even more things to talk about, in this action-filled and visually spectacular second episode of Once Upon a Time season five. Club Medieval was kicking, from charming dance lessons to Henry’s smooth moves and the sweet dances between Captain Swan and Outlaw Queen. It’s all fun and games until someone realizes that the savior used to be the Evil Queen. Every moment of this OUAT episode was exciting – and we do our best to cover it all in this week’s podcast!

  1. Intro + Our Top 5s
  2. The lighter side and listener letters (59:00)
  3. News (1:21:55)

Join us again on Thursday night for our preview of the next Once Upon a Time episode!

-Brittany and Amanda

Episode 76: Flashback to Season 2

Season 2 of Once Upon a Time podcastOur summer of revisiting past Once Upon a Time seasons continues with a very full discussion on season 2. Plus, what we are doing to get through the summer, surprise “The Tower” trivia just for Brittany, and all of the news, interview tidbits, and even a theory or two about Once Upon a Time season 5.

  1. Welcome back to another hiatus episode and (as always) an update on what we are watching on television
  2. Our Top 5s: revisiting some of the highs – and yes, lows – of OUAT’s sophomore season
  3. The Tower Trivia: Amanda challenges Brittany to a trivia game by asking 11 questions about her least favorite OUAT episode of all time (Spoiler alert: Amanda loses. It is sad.)
  4. Season 5 news!

Thanks for continuing to listen in over the summer. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes so you don’t miss an episode; we have a few coming your way in September.

– Amanda and Brittany

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Episode 74: Flashback to Season 1 (Part 2)

Season one OUAT recap In our second summer hiatus episode of Once Upon a Podcast, we continue our flashback to Once Upon a Time season 1! We revisit the highs and lows of the second half of the show’s first season, discussing some of our favorite episodes revolving around Belle and Rumplestiltskin, Emma and Regina, and Snow White and Prince Charming.

Plus, more about what we’ve been up to so far this summer including more television shows we love, an announcement about a great interview we have coming up as a bonus episode this Thursday with the creator and writer of the Netflix show “Rita” (!), and as always, plenty of things we are currently thinking about.

  1. Welcome to our 2nd hiatus episode and here’s more about what we’re doing this summer!
  2. Our Top 5 episodes of Once Upon a Time season 1, part 2 (25:10)
  3. News about Once Upon a Time season 4! (1:23:35)

We will be releasing a brand new podcast episode on the first Tuesday of every month during the hiatus. Join us again on August 4th for our take on some of our favorite episodes from season 2. Summer is, after all, a great time for a re-watch!

And be sure to come back this Thursday for our bonus episode!

– Brittany and Amanda

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Episode 72: Operation Mongoose Part 2

Once Upon a Time season finale podcastHere we are: the final Once Upon a Podcast episode of Once Upon a Time season 4! How are we feeling after this episode? Well, probably a little better than Emma feels. We are so thrilled about how this season wrapped up, and focus our Top 5s on the relationship dynamics between Hook and Emma, Emma and Regina, Belle and Rumplestiltskin, and of course Henry and his one, big, happy (or at least for that brief time at Granny’s) family.

  1. Top 5 1:40
  2. The Lighter Side 54:30
  3. Listener Letters 1:09:00
  4. It’s a wrap on Season 4! 1:19:25

We can’t wait for Once Upon a Time to return in September, but until then, please subscribe because we’ll have a few podcast episodes throughout the summer and you won’t want to miss out on!

Thanks for a wonderful season, everyone.

– Amanda and Brittany

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Episode 71: Operation Mongoose Part I

Heroes and Villains Once Upon a TIme season 4 finaleWe made it to the end of another spectacular season of Once Upon a Time. (Or should we call it Heroes and Villains?) Season 4 of OUAT went out in spectacular form with Henry as the hero of the day, traveling to Fairy Tale Land to save his family! The heroes and villains’ lives are turned upside down in this adventure-filled episode, and we break down all of our favorite moments. This podcast covers the first part of the season 4 finale; another podcast episode, which will be released Tuesday, will be about the second half of the season finale!

– Amanda and Brittany


Episode 69: Lily

Emma and Regina and Lily OUATWe have lots of strong thoughts about this Once Upon a Time episode: Emma and Regina, Emma and Lily, fate, destiny, soul mates, friends who are meant to be… there are so many deep themes in this episode and we leave no stone unturned. Plus, that plot twist, and where we think it will lead (yes, we do believe it’s going somewhere important). Plus, Zelena is crazy and twisty, Maleficent is magnificent, and we need to stop making terrible predictions that come true because we have a wild ride ahead that will probably require some coffee and Advil.

  1. Once upon a time, Amanda and Britt had to mentally prepare for this podcast episode
  2. Our Top 5s (2:40)
  3. Listener Letters (50:20)
  4. There’s no news this week so we chitchat to wrap up this Once Upon a Podcast (57:20)

Don’t forget to check in Thursday for our preview discussion for the next OUAT episode, “Mother.”

We’re ready for something we’ve never seen before… so join us for this podcast and let’s all get ready for the season 4B finale in 2 weeks!

– Amanda and Brittany

Episode 66: Best Laid Plans

OUAT season 4 SnowingWelcome back to a week of peddlers, eggs, and morally gray areas on Once Upon a Time. This week we finally find out just what Snow White and Prince Charming did to Maleficent, how Emma felt about it (spoiler: not great), and how much longer Regina can keep up her career in espionage. Also, weird confessions by Rumple, the revelation of Henry’s middle name and so much more. Listen to us discuss all of the finer points in this very tense OUAT episode.

  1. Welcome to episode 66 – here’s what’s on our mind this week!
  2. Our Top 5s
  3. The Lighter Side
  4. Listener Letters
Remember, Once Upon a Time is on a break this coming Sunday, so we’ll see you on Thursday, April 9th for our bonus episode, and then back here on April 14th for our discussion about “Heart of Gold.”
– Amanda and Brittany
P.S. Sorry the podcast is posted a bit late in the day this week, but we think it will be worth your wait!

Episode 65: Poor Unfortunate Soul

Podcast about Once Upon a TimeOnce Upon a Time got a little fishy and Rumplestiltskin got a little nosy in “Poor Unfortunate Soul.” From a tense interrogation scene between the Queens of Darkness (and the Dark One) in the “cabin of debauchery” with old August to Hook’s bad boy backstory to Ursula’s sweet tale that blended myth and Disney, listen to us voice our thoughts about this action-packed episode.

  1. Welcome to episode 65, and did we find Outlaw Queen wine?
  2. Our Top 5s (5:00)
  3. The Lighter Side (53:00)
  4. Listener Letters (59:00)
  5. News (1:19:15)

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– Brittany and Amanda

Episode 64: Enter the Dragon

Regina and Maleficent Once Upon a TimeSo, remember that one time when the Evil Queen was hungover? This week, Once Upon a Time was filled with badass Queens of Darkness doing their thing: from games of chicken and mysterious trains to drunken nights together in a vault, hangover “cures,” dragon mojo, creepy Hooklestiltskin, sleeping curses and kidnapping puppets, this episode went places we never quite expected but didn’t actually mind. On this episode of Once Upon a Podcast, we break down every aspect of this OUAT episode in all of its glorious, over-the-top, subtext-y detail, and we respond to our many listener questions and comments in the process. Plus, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, your letters and comments and news about what is ahead in this twists-and-turns filled Once Upon a Time season. Now… let’s have some real fun.

  1. Welcome to the show! Here’s what we’ve been binge watching lately
  2. Our Top 5s (7:05)
  3. Listener letters (1:06:00)
  4. News (1:20:45)

Enjoy the party.

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Brittany and Amanda


Episode 63: Unforgiven

Season 4 Prince Charming SNow WhiteFeeling unforgiven? Confused? Lied to? You’re not alone! Storybrooke is awash with dark secrets (and not to mention, some major sass from the Queens of Darkness themselves). This Once Upon a Time episode has proven that this season is off to a great start, with lots of villains and heroes and everything in between.

  1. Welcome to the second episode of OUAT 4B
  2. Our Top 5s (2:00)
  3. Lighter Side (45:00)
  4. Listener Letters (54:00)
  5. News (1:05:15)

Next week, we’ll find out who is a bad girl.

But before then, have you noticed that we have been podcasting on Thursdays? Yep, we’re doing that now! Every Thursday night, we’ll release a mini podcast episode (“Twice Upon a Podcast”) with our take on what is coming up that weekend on Once Upon a Time. Don’t miss out: be sure to subscribe so you can follow along. So, we’ll see you back here on Thursday!

-Amanda and Brittany

Episode 61: Once Upon a Hope & Dream for 4B

Welcome back to week to week episodes, Oncers, and (almost) welcome back to another Once

Once Upon a Time fan podcast

Cruella de Vil will make an appearance in season 4A

Upon a Time season! This week we celebrate the upcoming premiere of Once Upon a Time by discussing our hopes for the next eleven episodes, and maybe some things we don’t want to see. Which one of us is excited for Cruella? (Spoiler alert: it’s Brittany.) How do we feel about the ships going into the next 11 episodes? What in the world is going on in New York (and which neighborhood would Cruella fit in with)? We’ll go over all of those things, plus so much more.

  1. Intro
  2. Our hopes and dreams for season 4B [2:55]
  3. Listener letters [43:25]
  4. Coming up next week on OUAT + news and spoilers [50:55]
Make sure and watch the show this Sunday at 8/7 Central, then look for a brand new podcast episode on Tuesday, March 3. See you next week!
-Brittany and Amanda