Episode 41: Our Top 5 Once Upon a Time Top 5s

Once Upon a Podcast

Lots of top 5 lists that you asked us to discuss!

This week, we asked YOU to tell us what to talk about this week! From plot twists to “what ifs” to favorite costumes, we present some of our various “Top 5s” in the OUAT universe.

  1. Welcome back – only a few weeks left before the show!
  2. Our “Top 5 Top 5s” – we talk about “What ifs…”, favorite minor characters, plot twists we would have created, the best costumes and the greatest parts of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (1:40)
  3. Season 4 wish list: Charming & Snow and Belle & Rumple (1:09:30)
  4. OUAT Q&A and poll results (1:17:45)
  5. Listener letters (1:27:00)
  6. News & Spoilers (1:36:40)

Today – September 2nd – marks our 1 year anniversary of podcasting! Thank you all so much for joining us this past year. After all, it’s much more exciting to podcast when we know we have an audience. (An amazing audience at that – you have sent us so many great messages and ideas!) We’ve had a fantastic time this past year, especially since we had no idea what to expect when we started. It’s safe to say everything surpassed our expectations.

Thanks for your support!

We’ll see you in two weeks, and after that we’ll be back to podcasting every week until this winter hiatus!

Amanda and Brittany

Episode 4: Lost Girl

Snow White in Lost Girl OUAT Season 3 Episode 2

Snow White stands up to the Queen during an Enchanted Forest flashback

Join us for a chat about “Lost Girl” with a focus on Emma and Snow White, plus Hook, Charming, Regina and more. We also have a bonus discussion about our first impressions of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland after the show.

  1. Jumping into “Lost Girl” with our Top 5 Emma and Snow White moments
  2. The Lighter Side of Storybrooke: everything from the Hook & Charming bromance to Rumple’s doll. Plus our rating of the episode (starts at 24:00)
  3. News and spoilers: we go over some our favourite tidbits about upcoming episodes and theorize about Tinker Bell, Robin Hood, Rumplestiltskin, Charming and the tragic fates of Disney parents (35:25)
  4. Letters from listeners: we had a lot of feedback this week and share some of our listeners’ ideas and theories (57:05)
  5. Wrap-up (1:14:30)
  6. Bonus: first impressions of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (1:16:00)

Listen to the episode or download it directly below. You can also find it on iTunes (be sure to subscribe!) or from our RSS.

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– Amanda and Britt