Episode 7: Good Form

Once Upon a Time kiss GOod Form

Hook and Emma’s passionate kiss in “Good Form”

This highly-anticipated episode revealed a key part of Hook’s background, excitement continued on Neverland with the Hook and Charming bromance and tensions between the group were momentarily forgotten when Snow, Emma and Regina delivered a brief message to Henry. We love how this season is shaping up!

  1. We jump into our Top 5s: the transformation of Killian Jones, the juicy Hook/Emma moment and the “frenemy-ships” between Hook and Charming and Regina and Emma (starting at 00:30)
  2. The Lighter Side of Storybrooke: being grossed out by PDA, who is in that cage?, Hook’s brother Liam was just not the smartest guy out there, and what we think sets season three apart from season two (23:20)
  3. No news this week, so we speculate about some spoilers (41:30)
  4. Neverland Banjo Trio: a fun audio clip made by our friends over at Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast (52:10)
  5. Listener letters: we had so many fantastic messages this week that prompted us to philosophize on Once Upon a Time and women, theories about Gold, Pan, and more (54:40)
  6. It’s a wrap! Thanks for joining us! (1:25:40)


Amanda and Britt

P.S. We had a few audio difficulties in the final portion of our podcast. Our apologies if it detracts from the listening experience. We strive for higher quality audio and hope to improve audio quality in the near future!