Episode 99: Our Decay – Once Upon a Podcast

Zelena and Hades: we’re on board this (decaying) ship. This week on Once Upon a Podcast, we’re discussing whether Hades is a trustworthy narrator, or if Zelena’s instincts are correct and he’s playing her. Speaking of instincts, Zelena’s motherly instincts just kicked in and if they’re going to give her a redemption arc, so far they’re doing it right. Plus, we can barely believe it as Rumplestiltskin comes clean and tells the truth (and nothing but the truth) with Belle… what a change! Join us for a discussion of one of our favorite episodes of 5B so far.

  1. Somehow we start out by reminiscing about old TV shows, and what if those shows took place in the Underworld?
  2. Our Top 5s (6:30)
  3. The Lighter Side and Listener Letters (51:30)
  4. News (1:08:30)

-Amanda and Brittany