Episode 125: Mother’s Little Helper (Once Upon a Time 6×16)

Season 6 Once Upon a Time

We dive back into the core mythology of Once Upon a Time: dark magic, Henry’s twisted family tree, Hook on an adventure that is going wrong at every turn, authors, saviors and the revelation that we’re on the last chapter of that Once Upon a Time book that started it all. We have so much fun theorizing and talking about what could be coming up in the next month, and wondering how all of those loose ends will be tied up. Could the entire series be wrapping up… or are we in for a dark curse to end all dark curses?

Episode 98: The Brothers Jones – Once Upon a Podcast

This week we met up with Hook’s brother Liam in the Underworld. Plus, Henry the Author is back in business because he found the pen! But what are the implications of his first job beyond being an angsty teenager about it? Plus, there were more Cruella and Charming shenanigans (count us in for the Cruella-comments-on-the-Charming-and-James-reunion episode) for our viewing pleasure. How do you feel Once Upon a Time is going so far this season? Are you still wondering whether Hades will step up his game and stop slacking off and letting the Heroes win?

  1. Anyone think there’s TOO MUCH tv in April?
  2. Our Top 5s (7:20)
  3. The Lighter Side and Listener Letters, plus a quick bit of news  (58:30)

See you again on Thursday when we’ll be talking about a few visitors who are due to set foot in the Underworld!

-Amanda and Brittany


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