Episode 65: Poor Unfortunate Soul

Podcast about Once Upon a TimeOnce Upon a Time got a little fishy and Rumplestiltskin got a little nosy in “Poor Unfortunate Soul.” From a tense interrogation scene between the Queens of Darkness (and the Dark One) in the “cabin of debauchery” with old August to Hook’s bad boy backstory to Ursula’s sweet tale that blended myth and Disney, listen to us voice our thoughts about this action-packed episode.

  1. Welcome to episode 65, and did we find Outlaw Queen wine?
  2. Our Top 5s (5:00)
  3. The Lighter Side (53:00)
  4. Listener Letters (59:00)
  5. News (1:19:15)

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– Brittany and Amanda

Episode 64: Enter the Dragon

Regina and Maleficent Once Upon a TimeSo, remember that one time when the Evil Queen was hungover? This week, Once Upon a Time was filled with badass Queens of Darkness doing their thing: from games of chicken and mysterious trains to drunken nights together in a vault, hangover “cures,” dragon mojo, creepy Hooklestiltskin, sleeping curses and kidnapping puppets, this episode went places we never quite expected but didn’t actually mind. On this episode of Once Upon a Podcast, we break down every aspect of this OUAT episode in all of its glorious, over-the-top, subtext-y detail, and we respond to our many listener questions and comments in the process. Plus, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, your letters and comments and news about what is ahead in this twists-and-turns filled Once Upon a Time season. Now… let’s have some real fun.

  1. Welcome to the show! Here’s what we’ve been binge watching lately
  2. Our Top 5s (7:05)
  3. Listener letters (1:06:00)
  4. News (1:20:45)

Enjoy the party.

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Brittany and Amanda


Episode 63: Unforgiven

Season 4 Prince Charming SNow WhiteFeeling unforgiven? Confused? Lied to? You’re not alone! Storybrooke is awash with dark secrets (and not to mention, some major sass from the Queens of Darkness themselves). This Once Upon a Time episode has proven that this season is off to a great start, with lots of villains and heroes and everything in between.

  1. Welcome to the second episode of OUAT 4B
  2. Our Top 5s (2:00)
  3. Lighter Side (45:00)
  4. Listener Letters (54:00)
  5. News (1:05:15)

Next week, we’ll find out who is a bad girl.

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-Amanda and Brittany

Episode 62: Darkness on the Edge of Town

Ursula and Cruella in OUATWe survived the darkness that was the 2015 winter hiatus, but can Storybrooke survive the darkness that just arrived (in oh-so-much style) in town? There’s something fishy about the Queens of Darkness, but we’re not complaining since they are just that epic and entertaining on screen! Join us for our reactions to the Once Upon a Time season 4B premiere featuring Cruella and Ursula, Rumple up to his old tricks, an awesome Emma/Regina dynamic and of course that dark secret that Snow and Charming are hiding. We can’t wait for the rest of this season!

  1. Congratulations on surviving the hiatus and welcome to the show! We jump right into our Top 5 moments of the episode.
  2. The lighter side and our episode rating [40:30]
  3. Listener Letters [48:05]
  4. News and spoilers [55:50]

The show is back which means we’re back and podcasting every single week! Join us next week and be sure to follow us all week long on Twitter!

– Brittany and Amanda

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