Episode 140: One Little Tear – Once Upon a Podcast (Once Upon a Time 7×09)

After a long hiatus, Once Upon a Time brings us a true fairy tale-inspired episode to keep the momentum of season 7 going. We enjoyed diving into this reimagined version of “Rapunzel” and appreciated that the show explored Lady Tremaine’s past in a more dynamic way. We also theorize on what might happen next week, which is the final episode before the show goes on its winter break. Could the curse be broken? If so, by whom? And who cast that curse anyways, and why? There are lots of ideas that we toss around and discuss!

Episode 139: Eloise Gardener & Pretty in Blue – Once Upon a Podcast (Once Upon a Time 7×07, 7×08)

ouap podcast

We have double the Once Upon a Time episodes to discuss this week! First up, an eerie take on the Rapunzel fairy tale and the story behind (new) Hook and his mysterious daughter. Next up, we get a brief glimpse of Wonderland and learn more about one of our favorite new characters in season 7, Alice. There is a lot to discuss about new mysteries that are cropping up in Hyperion Heights, and we theorize about certain characters’ motives and what might be up next in the unfolding saga.

Episode 24: The Tower

ouat the tower

Rumplestiltskin and Zelena have a mysterious chat

In what was a particularly eerie episode, Zelena continues to confuse us and send mixed signals in Storybrooke. She’s toying with us all! Plus, we (briefly) meet Rapunzel and start shipping an even bigger bromance between Robin, Hook and Charming.

  1. Our Top 5s (3:30)
  2. The Lighter Side of Storybrooke (48:35)
  3. Listener Letters including some of your Top (and bottom) 5s! (59:30)
  4. News and what’s on Once Upon a Time next week (1:23:05)
  5. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland – aka. we don’t know why we put ourselves through this – our Top 3s and listener comments (1:33:10)

See you next week for “Quiet Minds” (after which we imagine our thoughts will be anything but quiet!)

– Britt and Amanda

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