Episode 128: The Black Fairy (Once Upon a Time 6×19)

once upon a time season 6 episode 19 the black fairy

As the infamous final battle looms over Storybrooke, we learn how the Black Fairy’s evil indeed wasn’t born, but was made… a callback to the show’s themes back in the first season. Is this the final season for Once Upon a Time, and if so, is the story that is currently unfolding, which reaches all the way back into the show’s earliest days, wrapping up in a way that we are satisfied with? On the podcast this week, we also discuss the implications of what the Black Fairy’s presence in Storybrooke means for Rumplestiltskin’s choices now, and whether we believe he’s teamed up with his dark mum, or if his heart is still in the right place. We’re getting super excited as this season begins to wrap up in unexpected ways (and we’re more than ready for next week’s musical episode!)

Episode 59: Character Report Cards

Grading the Once Upon a Time charactersThis week we are joined by guest Jakie who helps us pass the hiatus by grading the progress that Regina, Snow, Emma and Rumplestiltskin have made since season 1! Who will pass and who will fail? Then, we look over some news about the Queens of Darkness. And if you have time while listening to this massive episode, don’t forget to head over to the Podcast Awards and nominate Once Upon a Podcast for an award in the Entertainment category!

  1. Intro
  2. We welcome Jakie to help us grade the progress of some Once Upon a Time characters
  3. A few listener tweets plus the latest news including details about Cruella, Ursula and Maleficent
  4. Some randomness to wrap up the episode!

We’ll see you back here in February for a Valentine’s Day themed episode about our favorite fictional couples in pop culture. There are only 2 more episodes before we get back to business with Once Upon a Time season 4B!

Amanda and Brittany

Episode 56: Season 4A Wrap-up

Once Upon a Podcast OUATIn our first of five hiatus podcast episodes, we review the good, bad… and awkward of season 4A. From the Frozen story to the Rumbelle bombshell (how did such a huge story last all of 2 minutes), we talked about this Once Upon a Time season’s main highs and lows. We also speculate a bit about what is to come (following tons of new news items), and chat a lot about our holidays and other things we’re watching and paying attention to over this winter season. Come on down and survive the hiatus along with us!

  1. Our season 4A top 5s
  2. The lighter side, poll questions and some holiday and New Year’s themed Q&A
  3. News
  4. It’s a wrap! See you again in 2 weeks.

We have a couple of interesting podcast episodes planned for in January and February, so be sure to subscribe so you never miss out! See you again in two weeks, everyone, and have a great New Year!

Amanda and Brittany

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Episode 55: Heroes and Villains

OUAT midseason finale Heroes and Villains

The Once Upon a Time midseason finale bid farewell to Frozen and introduced three sassy new lady villains

In the Once Upon a Time midseason finale, we said farewell to Frozen and hello to the Queens of Darkness: Ursula, Cruella, and Maleficent. But the real dark moment came from the Dark One himself: Rumplestiltskin and Belle shared a terrible and tearful goodbye at the town line (and as brokenhearted as you now are, we’re proud of you, Belle!) All that plus Hook gets his heart back, Elsa and Anna return to Arendelle, and a Robin and Regina separation that was dampened by some great moments between Regina, Emma and Henry who will be diving deeper into Operation Mongoose together. Join us for our Top 5s and lots of listener letters along with some interesting news about 4B.

  1. Welcome to our final podcast of 4A!
  2. Our Top 5s (1:35)
  3. The Lighter Side (55:55)
  4. Listener Letters (1:08:15)
  5. News and what’s next in OUAT season 4B (1:18:30)
  6. What’s we have planned for Once Upon a Podcast during the hiatus! (1:28:10)

Join us on December 30th for our season 4A wrap-up!

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Episode 51: Smash the Mirror

Once Upon a Time Smash the Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall… who is smashing them all?

This week’s 2 hour episode of Once Upon a Time gave us a ton to talk about, so this week we have a special podcast devoted to a long discussion centered on the show’s “heroes and villains”: Regina, Ingrid and Rumplestiltskin. We have a smashing good time solving all of the great problems on the show… and maybe even the universe. From deep discussions to silly comments, we’ll tackle it all in this massive podcast episode!

Join us for part two of the podcast next week. Once Upon a Time will be on hiatus, but we won’t! We’ll have listener letters, news and theories. Be sure to send your thoughts to us before then!

  1. Welcome to our 51st episode
  2. Our Top 5 discussions: Heroes and villains (10:55)
  3. The Lighter Side (1:18:05)
  4. We’ll be back next week with news and letters! In the meantime, a challenge for you all to give us a rating or review on iTunes and to send us your comments, questions and voicemails! (1:40:10)

Brittany and Amanda

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Episode 49: Family Business

Belle and mirror in Once Upon a Time

Belle faces the mirror in “Family Business”

We’re taking care of business with a debate about the re-Belle-ious Belle and whether we think she was “in character,” the many ways in which Rumple continues to be shady, and how if you think that other relationships on Once Upon a Time are complex, nothing really compares to the challenges that Rumbelle are going to have to deal with eventually! All of that plus we continue to love and theorize more about the Snow Queen.

  1. Introduction and some tangents about Twitter
  2. Our Top 5s (6:35)
  3. The Lighter Side (49:50)
  4. Listener Letters (1:09:50)
  5. News about next week’s OUAT episode, plus a couple of theories about Lily (1:24:50)
  6. That’s a wrap! Join us next week for our 50th episode! (1:40:50)

– Amanda and Brittany

Episode 47: The Apprentice

OUAT The Apprentice

A date with Captain Hand and a variation on Fantasia in The Apprentice

You have a date with us for another podcast! This time, things get more dramatic and even more complicated in the OUAT storyline, with a not-so-helpful hand from Rumplestiltskin, Anna takes on the Dark One and there’s a Grease-meets-Lady and the Tramp-style date night with Killian. Join us for a chat about the things we loved, the things we were not so sure about, and what the latest band name in Storybrooke is this week. Plus listener letters, new questions for you and much more!

  1. Welcome to our 47th podcast episode and some chitchat about Twitter (3:45)
  2. Our Top 5s (3:45)
  3. The Lighter Side, our rating plus new questions of the week! (43:50)
  4. Listener Letters (1:04:05)
  5. News of the week (1:11:40)
  6. Wrapping things up with a word on Sean Maguire’s “Songs for Amy” movie (1:18:20)

See you next week on Once Upon a Podcast for “Breaking Glass”!

– Brittany and Amanda

Episode 32: There’s No Place Like Home (Part 2 of the season finale)

Season finale Once Upon a Time

The Charmings in the Season Finale

The epic conclusion of the season finale is here! Emma is meeting people she realizes she may care for more than she thought, we learn the baby’s name (Britt was wrong), there’s a wedding, there’s love after a long journey, and it’s never really as easy for Regina as we all hope it will be.

  1. We get right into it with our Top Fives (0:30)
  2. The Lighter Side of Storybrooke (37:30)
  3. Listener Letters and comments (45:35)
  4. Excerpts from next day interviews with Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis (56:25)
  5. That’s a wrap! A thank you to our listeners.

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Thank you all for sticking with us for 32 podcast episodes and 21 episodes of the show. We’ve had a blast this year and once we take a little vacation, can’t wait to come back this summer. You’ll be able to find us every other week until September!

If you enjoyed the podcast this season, it would really help us to know! Head over to iTunes and leave a review, or if words escape you, leave us a star rating. We appreciate it, we appreciate you all, and we hope you have a wonderful summer! See you in the fall!

– Amanda and Britt

Episode 30: Kansas

Once Upon a Time Glinda Zelena Dorothy

Glinda, Zelena and Dorothy have a chat in Oz

“Kansas” transported us back to Oz where Zelena simply could not stop being a jealous troublemaker. We (briefly) met Dorothy, said hello to light magic-wielding Regina, had a beautiful Rumbelle moment that quickly turned sour and said a “wicked” goodbye. A lot happened in this episode and we attempted to break it all down and speculate what it might mean as we head into a our double-sized season finale next Sunday.

  1. The penultimate week of Once Upon a Time season 3 has come and gone! Plus why next week’s show should be called “Oklahoma.”
  2. Our Top 5s (3:30)
  3. The Lighter Side of Storybrooke (42:10)
  4. Listener Letters (46:50)
  5. News and speculation about the finale (51:00)
  6. Join us again next week! (1:11:00)

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Don’t forget to listen to us next week for a very exciting double-podcast episode about “Snow Drifts” and “There’s No Place Like Home”!

We plan to release next week’s double-podcast episodes about “Snow Drifts” and “There’s No Place Like Home” early, on Monday instead of Tuesday, so brace yourselves for a huge season finale podcast extravaganza!

– Britt and Amanda

Episode 29: A Curious Thing

snow white prince charming and regina

The second most powerful magic of all

Well, this Once Upon a Time episode had everything we weren’t expecting… and then some. Action-packed, emotion-filled, we flip-p(hon)ed out over it! Join us for a great conversation about everything from love and family to mommy power and of course those pesky flying monkeys and one delightfully crazy Rumple.

  1. Welcome to one of the last podcast episodes of season 3 (yikes)!
  2. Our Top 5s
  3. The Lighter Side of Storybrooke and our rating of the episode (with a new “heart” system)
  4. Listener Letters
  5. What’s coming up next on Once Upon a Time
  6. Thanks for joining us and see you back here next week to discuss the penultimate Once Upon a Time episode of the season.

– Amanda and Britt

Episode 26: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Regina and the Wicked Witch on Once Upon a Time

It’s not easy being Greenie… or having a sister who made you green with envy.

The characters have taken things a little too literally: we found out that the Wicked Witch is literally green with envy and Regina literally gave Robin Hood her heart (let’s just hope he doesn’t literally break it.) Plus, we discuss the Once Upon a Time in Wonderland series finale.

  1. Welcome! Plus some Captain America and Ariel on SNL
  2. Our Top 5s: we talked about most of the main characters and their ongoing developments, including Hook, Emma, Rumbelle, Greenie and her backstory, Rumple and of course Regina and Robin Hood. (4:20)
  3. The Lighter Side of Storybrooke: our favourite lines and Storybrooke needs a chiropractor (46:30)
  4. Listener Letters (54:25)
  5. News (1:08:05)
  6. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland series finale (1:16:45)

See you next week for a trip aboard the Jolly Roger!

Britt and Amanda

Edited April 8th at 4:15 pm ET: We had a small technical flaw with the audio in the episode that was uploaded earlier today. That problem has been fixed. Sorry, folks! If you downloaded the episode before this afternoon but haven’t listened to it yet, you may want to re-download the new file. – Amanda

Episode 25: Quiet Minds

Emma and Snow White in season three Once Upon a Time

Snow comforts Emma in “Quiet Minds”

This week we said goodbye to (spoiler) – for real this time. Our Top 5s include a discussion about the emotional moment, along with other chitchat about the ongoing saga between Rumplestiltskin and the Wicked Witch, Henry, the budding Regina and Robin romance, and Belle and Lumière.

  1. To start out this episode we chat briefly about Disney’s “Frozen,” which has become the most successful animated film of all time
  2. Our Top 5s (3:50)
  3. The Lighter Side of Storybrooke (36:50)
  4. Listener Letters (44:00)
  5. News and what’s coming up on Once Upon a Time (56:45)
  6. Our discussion about the penultimate Wonderland episode (1:13:20)

See you next week for a battle in the Wicked West!

– Amanda and Britt

Episode 10: Think Lovely Thoughts

Once Upon a Time 3x08 Neverland

In Think Lovely Thoughts, the Neverland heroes finally work together in their plan to get to Henry before it’s too late.

In our 10th (!) episode, we discuss what was possibly the most exciting Once Upon a Time episode of the season so far: Think Lovely Thoughts. This show contained lots of surprising twists and turns and lots of powerful moments, plus a dash of bromance and sass thrown in for good measure.

  1. Welcome to our 10th episode!
  2. Top 5s: Can we just say every moment was our favourite moment of this episode? (2:10)
  3. Lighter Side of Storybrooke: We try to find a few lighter things in this rather dark episode (34:40)
  4. Listener letters (44:30)
  5. What’s coming up next week and an assignment for our listeners (55:00)

Despite no new episode next Sunday, we’ll still have a new podcast episode next Tuesday. Be sure to send in your questions, comments and feedback since we’ll have even more time to share listener letters next week. We also want to hear what your favourite fairy tale is, or your favourite fairy tale adaptation by Once Upon a Time thus far.

We can’t wait to hear what you think!

– Britt and Amanda

Rumple, Neal, and Daddy Issues

Robert Carlyle and Michael Raymond James as Rumple and Neal.

Robert Carlyle and Michael Raymond James as Rumple and Neal.

In this week’s all new episode of Once Upon a Time, we’ll see exactly what the relationship between Rumplestiltskin and his father was like.

“The relationship is not good,” Robert Carlyle (Rumple) tells TVGuide.com. “The father only cares about himself, and he’s a selfish guy. Rumple’s father has the gift of the gab. He’s certainly a gregarious kind of guy; friends of everyone and probably no one. He’s a trickster.  He’s a hopeless gambler. So he’s really not someone who is usually fitted for parenting.”

Unlike Rumple’s relationship with Neal, which was tenuous because of Rumple’s quest for power, Malcolm really doesn’t want to have anything to do with his son. “The boy’s a kind of tagalong,” Carlyle explains. “You find him hanging outside the bar waiting for his father to come out.”

Episode 6: Nasty Habits

Rumplestiltskin and a Lost Boy Bae in OUAT

Rumplestiltskin reveals some “Nasty Habits”

This Neal and Rumple-filled episode is the topic of much discussion, including their interactions with Peter Pan, who continues to be one of the most unique villains we have ever seen. We disagree about Emma’s breakdown, chat about Belle and Rumple, and much more. Plus, we talk about the movie “Hook” and old tales about Robin Hood.

  1. Our Top 5: we’re focusing on Rumple and Neal this week, plus a little disagreement about that Emma scene (starting at 1:15)
  2. The Lighter Side of Storybrooke: Regina’s sass persists and the Hook and Charming bromance continues to warm our hearts (34:50)
  3. News and spoilers (news at 46:40; spoilers at 51:50)
  4. Listener letters and reactions, including discussion about Belle and Rumple and why we love Peter Pan as a villain (56:30)
  5. Story time with Britt and Amanda: we did some homework last weekend. Britt watched the movie “Hook” and explains this movie’s unique take on the classic story of Hook and Peter Pan. Meanwhile, Amanda looked into Robin Hood’s extensive history and reads an old ballad about a romance between the mythical Robin Hood and a Queen (Ballad source) (1:18:25)
  6. It’s a wrap! Thanks for joining us once again this week, and if you enjoy the show please be sure to subscribe on iTunes and leave us a star rating! (1:33:45)

Have fun!

– Amanda and Britt