Episode 43: Once Upon a Home (3B recap, season 4 predictions)

OUAT season 3 podcast discussion

We revisit season 3B and make some season 4 predictions!

In our final hiatus podcast before season 4 begins, we revisit Once Upon a Time season 3B and talk about a couple of things we appreciated (and a few things we are still a little perplexed about). Plus, our Once Upon a Time season 4 hopes and dreams for Emma, Regina and Hook. We also cover lots of news and a tangent about why we relate to OUAT so well.

  1. Our Top 5 takeaways from season 3B (3:50)
  2. The Lighter Side and a Q&A of sorts (38:45)
  3. Our hopes for season 4 (and a few wild predictions): Hook, Emma, Regina (51:25)
  4. Listener Letters (1:11:00)
  5. News (1:17:00)

See you next week for the season 4 premiere!

– Brittany and Amanda

Episode 42: Once Upon a Neverland

Peter Pan Once Upon a Time

Ready to go back to Neverland?

This week we revisit Neverland with our Top 5s about Once Upon a Time’s season 3A. Then, we continue to count down to season 4 with our wishlist for the Frozen characters. And of course, our usual weekly poll, news and more.

  1. Welcome back to our weekly podcast! And we’re already gearing up for a special live tweeting session on season premiere night.
  2. Our Neverland Top 5s (4:35)
  3. The Lighter Side (43:00)
  4. Poll of the week and Q&A (48:20)
  5. Our season 4 wishlist: what we hope for Elsa, Anna and everyone else from Arendelle (1:00:00)
  6. Listener letters and news (1:14:00)
  7. Wrapping everything up and news about our book club! (1:31:15)

We’ll see you again next Tuesday for a chat about season 3B and our final season 4 wishlist!

– Brittany and Amanda

Episode 33: Once Upon a Season 3B Wrap-Up

Season finale of Once Upon a Time three

Ruby in the diner in the Once Upon a Time spring season finale

It’s the summer hiatus, but we’re keeping Once Upon a Time fresh for a little longer by revisiting the end of season 3B, including what else we might have liked to have seen and a few of the underrated scenes in the finale. Plus, some news and speculation and a lot of fun extras to help pass the time.

  1. Intro and we revisit some of our failed predictions about the season finale – oops!
  2. Top 5 things we wish would have happened in the season finale (6:35)
  3. A couple of underrated scenes in the finale (23:40)
  4. It’s Q&A time with Britt & Amanda! We ask each other a few quick and personal Once Upon a Time-related questions (36:20)
  5. News (47:00)
  6. What we’re into this week – non-OUAT things that we love right now (51:35)

Our next episode will feature a discussion about Disney’s Frozen and Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen and how those stories might fit into the OUAT universe next season. We’ll also share our thoughts about the Disney movie Maleficent. See you in two weeks!

– Britt and Amanda

Episode 22: New York City Serenade (S03E12)

Once Upon a Time New York City Serenade

Hook and Emma in Once Upon a Time season 3 episode 12

Flying monkeys and outlaws and a pirate stalker, oh my! After 84 days, Once Upon a Time is back and it was oh-so-fun. We enjoy delving right into the start of this second half of season three.

  1. Our top 5 favorite moments of the show, including a discussion about character developments and changes (Henry is more grown up!), Snow and Regina, a peek at the Wicked Witch and of course Hook and Charming — uh, we mean, Hook and Emma (2:40)
  2. The lighter side: we have so much to talk about, in particular Charming’s epic fur cape and Regina hiking through the woods wearing jewels (53:30)
  3. Listener letters (1:09:00)
  4. News and predictions for next week’s episode (1:15:00)
  5. Wrapping it up and bonus chat about Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (1:24:00)

Looking forward to seeing you right back here for next week for some more wicked-awesome discussion!

If you are interested in the documentary that Britt mentioned, Verde sobre negro, you can find more information and a link to the crowd funding page on their site.

– Amanda and Britt