Episode 78: Our Season 5A Hopes and Dreams – Once Upon a Time Podcast

Once Upon a Time podcast season 4 discussionWho’s ready for Once Upon a Time season 5? We get ready with two quick(ish) top 5 lists: one with our top moments of OUAT 4B and another with the top things we can’t wait to see in season 5. With only days to go until the season premiere, we also read some of your letters and wish lists as well as catching up on the latest news and tidbits about next season. Join us for everything from Zelena to the Dark One and a few wild (and not so wild) predictions!

  1. Welcome back and it’s our wrap-up of our summer television binge watching with a quick summary of our favorites
  2. Our season 4B Top 5s (10:15)
  3. Our top 5 hopes and dreams for season 5 (41:00)
  4. The Lighter Side (a pop quiz for Amanda) and Listener letters (1:04:00)
  5. News and the latest about season 5 (1:30:40)

Since Once Upon a Time comes back this weekend, we our returning to our television season routine with Twice Upon a Podcast on Thursday nights! Be sure to subscribe so you can catch our preview of what is coming up on the Once Upon a Time season 5 premiere (including a discussion of the previews and press releases). On Sunday, join us on Twitter as we livetweet “The Dark Swan.” And then of course, check in again next Tuesday for our first podcast of season 5!

– Brittany and Amanda

Episode 61: Once Upon a Hope & Dream for 4B

Welcome back to week to week episodes, Oncers, and (almost) welcome back to another Once

Once Upon a Time fan podcast

Cruella de Vil will make an appearance in season 4A

Upon a Time season! This week we celebrate the upcoming premiere of Once Upon a Time by discussing our hopes for the next eleven episodes, and maybe some things we don’t want to see. Which one of us is excited for Cruella? (Spoiler alert: it’s Brittany.) How do we feel about the ships going into the next 11 episodes? What in the world is going on in New York (and which neighborhood would Cruella fit in with)? We’ll go over all of those things, plus so much more.

  1. Intro
  2. Our hopes and dreams for season 4B [2:55]
  3. Listener letters [43:25]
  4. Coming up next week on OUAT + news and spoilers [50:55]
Make sure and watch the show this Sunday at 8/7 Central, then look for a brand new podcast episode on Tuesday, March 3. See you next week!
-Brittany and Amanda