Episode 134: A Pirate’s Life – Once Upon a Podcast

OUAT season 7 Emma Swan

Yo ho, yo ho… it’s a Once Upon a Time life for us. Or more specifically, a complicated Once Upon a Time life for us because once again this show threw a major plot twist in our way. Did any of you see it coming? Hyperion Heights Hook isn’t our Hook, and the “real” Hook and Emma back home in Storybrooke are (spoiler alert!) expecting a baby pirate! The show gave a fitting final goodbye to Emma Swan in this episode, providing us all a generally satisfyingly happy ending for Captain Swan. Meanwhile, new!Hook, Regina and Henry seem to be teaming up against something that feels off in Hyperion Heights, and we can’t help but wonder what is going on with Gold, aka. Weaver, and whether he’s awake in this curse or not.

Episode 133: Hyperion Heights – Once Upon a Podcast

Once Upon a Time podcast

Welcome back! Another Once Upon a Time season, another Once Upon a Time curse. In the series’ 7th season, we are introduced to a brand new fairytale world-within-the-real-world, Hyperion Heights, which marks a dramatic departure from Storybrooke and the OUAT we once knew. Join us as we talk about our impressions of an adult Henry, a new Cinderella, a punk-rock Alice and several familiar characters who have carried over from past seasons, all bringing intrigue and mystery along with them. Let us know what you thought about this brand-new take on our beloved show!

Episode 132: Summer Season 7 News

once upon a time season 7 photo

Hey there, Oncers! We’re back for a special summer podcast episode discussing the latest Once Upon a Time news following San Diego Comic Con. We have lots of Once Upon a Time goodness to cover: a new trailer, a sneak peek that revealed the first few minutes of the first episode of the next television season, and lots of casting (and guest star) updates. Sit down and catch up with us… we’ll even have a bit of theorizing about what could happen next season on OUAT!