Episode 93: Rumplestiltskin & Belle – Once Upon a Time

Our odyssey through some of the main ships during the Once Upon a Time hiatus continues this week with Rumplestiltskin and Belle, more commonly known in the OUAT fandom as Rumbelle. We discuss the contrasting characters – they’re Beauty and the Beast, after all – that make up this romantic pairing and why we think this ship is so thought-provoking. As always, we attempt to predict the future for this romantic duo, and discover that if you aren’t the Dark One, the future is difficult to see for these two. We hope you enjoy this next episode and only one more month of hiatus left!

  1. Welcome back to our hiatus episodes; we start off this one with some television talk!
  2. Our Rumbelle Top 5s (17:30)
  3. Listener Letters and a tiny bit of news (1:19:35)

Which pairing will we discuss in our final podcast of the winter hiatus? Stay tuned to find out – we’ll announce it soon.

-Amanda and Brittany

Episode 92: Regina & Robin Hood – Once Upon a Time

Outlaw Queen on OUAT discussion

Our second shipping expedition takes us to the story of a thief with a heart of gold and reformed Evil Queen: it’s Outlaw Queen week on Once Upon a Podcast! For the next in our series of episodes discussing the ships of Once Upon a Time, we are focusing on everything related to Robin Hood and Regina. From our top Outlaw Queen moments, quotes and theories, to whether we need to see Robin’s history, and, yes, vaults, we cover this ship from all angles. Plus, your letters about your favorite ships.

As a bonus, we are also chatting about Star Wars: The Force Awakens (including a couple of Once Upon a Time parallels) at the end of the show. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! Please don’t listen to this segment unless you’ve seen the movie (which you definitely should)!

  1. Welcome to our next podcast episode of the hiatus
  2. Our Outlaw Queen Top 5s
  3. Listener Letters
  4. News about season 5B
  5. Star Wars The Force Awakens: our reaction to the biggest movie of the year, including a few Once Upon a Time parallels. Please don’t listen if you haven’t seen this movie yet, there are major spoilers (starts at 1:20:40)!

We will see you again in two weeks to sail on our next ship… who will it be?

-Amanda and Brittany